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You may often hear how STILLEN® Products are designed, engineered and manufactured in Costa Mesa, California.  In this video, we are going to show you what that looks like by following the production of our polyurethane styling products.

STILLEN Polyurethane Body Styling

All of STILLEN’s designs are originated in-house and put into physical form by our craftsman in our modeling shop. First Articles are carefully scrutinized by the entire STILLEN staff before the final design goes into production.

STILLEN Polyurethane Body Styling

STILLEN has perfected their proprietary blend of polyurethane. The material has an excellent balance between rigidity and flexibility. This prevents the cracking or breaking often seen with fiberglass or Carbon Fiber materials. STILLEN’s Polyurethane products can be ordered in a raw finish; for easy prep and body matching color, or be ordered in a factory quality matte black finish.

STILLEN Body Styling Polyurethane

STILLEN Body Styling is designed to have an excellent fit that is designed for your specific vehicle ensuring a trouble free; simple installation.  Every STILLEN product is test fit in our R&D facility to ensure proper fitment before going into production.

When you choose STILLEN Body Styling Products, you are choosing a premium USA Designed, Engineered and Manufactured Product.

For more information or to place your order on STILLEN Polyurethane products, please give us a,

Call: 866-250-5542
Email us: sales@stillen.com
or Live Chat at stillen.com!

The STILLEN® Cat-Back Exhaust System for the VR30DDTT Infiniti Q50 and Infiniti Q60 3.0t has an aggressive tone under hard acceleration, but mellow during cruising, with that unmistakable STILLEN sound. STILLEN engineers unlocked a 26WHP and 29WTQ Gain. Those numbers are nothing to sneeze at, and you’d be hard pressed not to notice an additional 29lb/ft of torque.

2017-2018 Infiniti Q60 3.0T DYNO

STILLEN went through extensive design, engineering and testing to ensure the STILLEN Infiniti Q50 and Infiniti Q60 Cat-Back Exhaust Systems would be the best available for our customers. Designed to fit beautifully into the OEM valance or as a compliment to a STILLEN® Rear Diffuser, this system looks as good as it sounds. Available with three tip options to suit your tastes – choose from Carbon Fiber, Polished or Burnt-Titanium Look Tips to give your Q’s rear end that ‘extra something’ it needed.

2017-2018 Infiniti Q60 3.0TT Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System

Years of racing and product development have taught STILLEN that relying on computer software simulations or using comparable product data is not enough to produce the best possible product for our customers. There is no substitute for physical validation especially when it comes to the Nissan’s VR30 Engine. Numerous Infiniti Q50 and Infiniti Q60 Cat-Back Systems were tested through dyno pulls and extensive data logging. STILLEN’s rigorous procedures even included testing different merge angles between pipes. The result of STILLEN’s rigorous program found a “Y-Pipe” layout similar to what is found on the Nissan GTR VR38 Engine produced the best result.

The STILLEN Cat-Back Exhaust System consist of a Y-Pipe, Mid- Pipe, and Dual Mufflers w/ Interchangeable Tips. The 2.5″ diameter Y-Pipe configuration allows for better airflow. The Y-Pipe than connects to the Mid-Pipe. The 3″ diameter Mid-Pipe than carries the exhaust gases to the rear of the vehicle where it branches back into 2.5″ diameter dual rear exit. Upon meeting the rear exhaust pipes the exhaust gases flow through the STILLEN engineered and manufactured mufflers. The 4.5″ diameter bolt-on exhaust tips enable you to adjust the tip position for a proper fit no matter what bumper or aero you choose to run at the back. Finally, the exhaust note is mild and well-mannered under normal driving conditions, but quickly turns aggressive and authoritative when under throttle. The overall size of the STILLEN Cat Back Exhaust System will differ to the Infiniti Q50 and Infiniti Q60 respectively.

STILLEN‘s use of mandrel bent 304 Stainless Steel backed by a limited lifetime warranty ensures your cat-back exhaust will last. The VR30DDTT Infiniti Q50 and Infiniti Q60 Cat Back Exhaust is proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA at its facilities in Costa Mesa, California.

For more information or to place your order about the Infiniti Q50 and Q60 VR30DDTT Cat-Back Exhaust from STILLEN®

Chat with us 866-250-5542
Email sales@stillen.com
or Live Chat at stillen.com!

The first annual Nissfest Norcal 2019 took place this past weekend in Modesto, CA – 6/8/2019. STILLEN was proud to sponsor the event that brought out a full field of incredible Nissan and Infiniti vehicles from both Northern and Southern California.

Drift Demos, great weather and awesome vehicles entertained all that attendees.

Nissfest Norcal 2019

This weekend is 24 Heures du Mans 2018- our friends at Jalopnik have put together this handy Guide to the 2018 24 Hours of LeMans, and so we figured, what better time to chat with an actual LeMans veteran about what it was actually like to run
Nissan 300ZX TT 75 Car Steve Millen Racing LeMans 1994 005
Chatting with STILLEN founder and 1990 and 1994 24-Hours-of-LeMans veteran Steve Millen about the 24, we asked what his thoughts were on this years race, and some of his recollections about his own experiences at the iconic french track. STILLEN Founder Steve Millen has been applying his racing knowhow to the STILLEN range of performance parts and aero for over 25 years now. Steve Millen has had the chance to race the 24 Hueres du Mans twice, in 1990, snagging the title “Rookie of the Year” in the process, and then raced the 24 again in 1994 with the Nissan factory team, taking 5th overall and winning his class, in spite of a rather inconvenient theft, delicious french breakfast, and a mechanical failure.
Nissan 300ZX TT 75 Car Steve Millen Racing LeMans 1994 001
Editor: What do you think about this weekend’s race, taking your experience into account, what kind of a race are we in for? What’s your take on the field this year?
SM: When you’re dominant, you’re not racing anyone else, you’re racing the track, and that’s what’s happening with Toyota this year. Every so often in racing it happens that one team is really dominant and nobody can touch them, and this year, that’s Toyota. Back in 1994, we were really dominant and in a similar position. We’d won the 24 Hours of Daytona by 20 laps, and then followed that up with winning Sebring by 7 laps. We were ahead of the field, and that’s where Toyota is going into the 24. Toyota isn’t really facing any competition that can match its speed – so they won’t be racing the competition, but rather, Toyota is racing against LeMans, the track itself.

Editor: That’s very true, in an endurance race, just finishing the race is an accomplishment. As the saying goes, ‘To finish First, first, you must finish.”, right?
SM: Right. I’ve always said of endurance races, “The Car Is the Star”, with more than one person driving, it isn’t about the driver anymore, it comes down to how good the car is. In some ways, it’s more challenging- you’re racing yourself. Toyota will be pushing the car to its limits here, and so dominant as they’ve been, it’s their race to lose.

Nissan 300ZX TT 75 Car Steve Millen Racing LeMans 1994 7

Editor: Had the team been planning to go to LeMans that year from the getgo, or was that a spur of the moment thing?

SM: No, actually, going to LeMans was a bit of a surprise – We’d been so successful that season, we reckoned we had a shot at LeMans, and so we figured, why not go for it! So Nissan got the budget together to send us to LeMans.

Editor: As you said, Nissan’s decision to go to LeMans in 1994 was a bit last minute, do you feel like that presented the Nissan team with any challenges other teams might not have faced? Would you have changed anything on the car if you’d had more time?
SM: Certainly – if we’d had more time, we’d have done a different aero treatment for the bodywork. The car was set up for racing in the USA, on road courses where you need a lot of downforce. That meant we had more drag than some of the other teams, but we still didn’t have a problem hitting 200 at 4 different places on the track… in a car setup for grip.
Editor: The rules were also slightly different than you were expecting, too, weren’t they?
SM: When we arrived in France, were expecting to race under American LeMans rules, and when we arrived, we found we’d be racing under the French LeMans rules, and the GTP class was added and ran at the same time – that added more traffic to maneuver around, and more people to drop oil on the track, go off, all that.

Editor: Of the 4 places you’d exceed 200mph, what part of the track was the fastest?
SM: The fastest part of the track is coming through the forest out of Mulsanne, well over 200.
Nissan 300ZX TT 75 Car Steve Millen Racing Heritage (8)
Editor: If you’d had time, you guys would’ve done something akin to a longtail treatment, then?
SM: Exactly, we’d have probably done something similar to the McLaren Longtails. Considering that we were running a high-grip car on one of the fastest tracks in racing, we did really well under the circumstances. The car performed well the majority of the race, until Sunday morning, when we broke a camshaft. Swapping it out took only 20 minutes before we went back out, but that still cost us time. If the camshaft hadn’t broken, we might’ve taken 3rd, or at least 4th overall.

Editor: It’s not winning, but either way making the podium would’ve been a great result.
SM: We finished 5th overall, and just finishing the 24 is an accomplishment, but we did win our class.

1994 24 Hours of Le Mans
Editor: LeMans is certainly one of those “lifetime experience” type events, what do you most clearly remember of racing there?
SM: The most memorable thing for me, was around 5-6 am, I was out racing. The thing wasn’t the sunrise… at that time of day the air is the coolest, so the car picks up more power and is the fastest then, and as you’re pushing your fastest, you smell it. The smell of bacon and sausage as kitchens all over the french countryside begin cooking breakfast, and your stomach’s growling in the car. I almost wished I could stop, it smelled so good. I’m thinking, “Man, that smells delicious, how long til breakfast??”. 
Nissan 300ZX TT 75 Car Steve Millen Racing LeMans 1994 003

Editor: As a 24-hour race, this also means the car ran at night. Is it harder running in the dark?
SM: Actually, you’d be surprised that it’s only dark a few hours during the race. At that time of year, the sun doesn’t set til 10-11pm, and rises around 5-6am, so you really aren’t in darkness for long.
Editor: Having run an endurance race myself, ironically in the parodious 24 hours of LeMons, it was hard to stay ‘on my a-game’ after an hour in the car, how often did you switch out? Was getting tired an issue?
SM: Actually, no, I always stayed in the car as long as I could, which was 4 hours, and you had to take a 1 hour break in between before you’d be allowed to go out again. Running 4 hour stints at a time lets you stay ‘in the zone’ longer, because you’re adjusting to the track as conditions change, so you don’t have to get used to them all over again so many times if you’re not getting out of the car as often, and so you don’t waste laps adjusting to conditions at the start of each stint. If someone had dropped oil somewhere, or if there was gravel on the track or something, you knew about it. 
 Nissan 300ZX TT 75 Car Steve Millen Racing Heritage (4)
Editor: How would you say LeMans compares to other ‘iconic’ races, like Monaco?
SM: It’s more fun than Monaco – there’s so much more opportunity for overtaking, it’s one of the longest tracks in all of racing at over 8 miles, and one of the few courses that’s gorgeous scenery for the entirety.  LeMans officials provided me with a caravan (or camper, as we say in the US), but the trick was that both times I ran LeMans, 1990 and 1994, someone broke into my caravan and swiped my racing suits and helmet. 
Nissan 300ZX TT 75 Car Steve Millen Racing LeMans 1994 6
Editor: As frustrating as that must’ve been at the time, you did find another suit in time… it’s one of those things you laugh at looking back, isn’t it?
SM: Exactly right. It was hectic having to hunt all over the paddock for another helmet and suit, but it’s kind of funny now. *laughing* I always pictured some frenchman on a beat up Moped speeding off through town, wearing my suit and helmet.
Nissan 300ZX TT 75 Car Steve Millen Racing Heritage (7)
Editor: Wrapping up here, what are you most excited to see in the 2018 edition of The 24?
SM: The cars running now are much more powerful than what I was running in 1994, but I’m curious if Toyota will beat the lap record, rumor is they may do it. We’ll see!
Nissan 300ZX TT 75 Car Steve Millen Racing LeMans 1994 5
Placing 5th overall in spite of unexpectedly having to share the track with GTP class, a broken camshaft, high-drag bodywork for road courses (not LeMans straights) and having his race suit and helmet stolen out of his Caravan, Steve Millen, John Morton and Johnny O’Connell took first in the class, and had the camshaft not broken and if the car had sported a high-speed aero treatment, placing 2nd or 3rd would’ve been very likely.
Nissan 300ZX TT 75 Car Steve Millen Racing LeMans 1994 7

While his professional racing career is over, Steve never really stopped driving fast, continuing to do stunt driving appearances, test performance cars for magazines like Road & Track and still occasionally takes the 75 out to select race events. This August, Steve Millen will be behind the wheel of the #75 300ZX Twin Turbo (Chassis #7) at Weathertech Laguna Seca Raceway the 2018 Monterey Historics, highlighting Nissan as this year’s featured marque.

We’ll be posting updates as we revive our LeMans veteran racecar from its slumber and get our 600-1100hp monster ready to race once again.

Wanna drive the #75?

While we haven’t been able to talk Steve into letting us take it for a spin around the block, you can experience what it’s like to drive the LeMans Race Cars like the #75 yourself in incredible detail in Forza Motorsport 6 and Forza Motorsport 7. After being painstakingly scanned into the game by the boffins at Turn10, you can experience what it’s like to drive these iconic vehicles on your favorite tracks.
Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor
Fancy some competition?
Get behind the wheel Saturday, 6/16/2018 at The Petersen Automotive Museum, for the Michelin 24 Hours Forza Challenge
. Set a laptime in the #75 or any other LeMans racecar for a shot at winning an Xbox One X and some other sweet prizes, and thank you to our friends at The Petersen Automotive Museum for playing host.
Check out the #75 in action in this hour-long race recap.

Whether you want to make your classic 300ZX faster, add more power to your modern 370Z, get more torque from your VR30DDTT Infiniti Q60 or add a 3in lift to your truck, the performance experts at STILLEN can help you do it. Call us today at (866) 250-5542, chat Live at STILLEN.com or stop by the showroom during regular business hours.

Thanks for reading, See you next time!

Check out these Jalopnik features with STILLEN:
What I learned at Celebrity Driving School

Ridiculously Awesome STILLEN GT-R Wallpaper

Make Your GT-R Glow with STILLEN Brakes

GTR_brake_cooling_kit_fullsize s

After months of testing and road racing, STILLEN is proud to announce the availability of the first Active Brake Cooling Package made specifically for the R35 Nissan GT-R.

This kit has been shown to reduce rotor temperature on the AP Racing Carbon Ceramic Brake Upgrade by over 200 degrees F, and is also extremely effective for those running standard OEM Iron, or the AP Racing Curved Vane Rotor Upgrades. STILLEN is proud to offer an active brake cooling option for R35 GT-R owners looking to improve track times and lower brake temperatures. These kits are for use with both traditional iron rotors, as well as the STILLEN Carbon Ceramic Matrix Brake Kit.

During the development of the STILLEN GT R Targa rally car Team STILLEN worked very closely with the engineers at AP Racing to develop the first aftermarket Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit in the world. One of the key components of that kit was brake cooling. Carbon Ceramic Brakes have an ideal operating temperature range where they perform at their best. Carbon Ceramic Brakes work well when cold however their true performance shines through during repeated hard, high temperature braking. However, there is a temperature threshold which should not be exceeded. During the development of the kit the engineers at AP Racing asked what we would be doing for brake cooling. We were open to all input from AP and their instructions were to use external fans directing air to the rotors and calipers. They said regardless how hot the air is coming off the engine, it’s a lot cooler than the heat coming off the rotors.

To test the performance of the STILLEN Active Brake Cooling Kit, we went to El Toro Air Force Base with temperature sensors on each rotor and caliper. We performed the tests with the active cooling on one side of the car, and not the other. We performed a series of 140-0 runs as well as laps around our test track. We also put temperature sensor stickers on each caliper that act just like temperature paint for the rotor. As the temperature of the caliper increases it burns off parts of the sticker so we know how hot the caliper is running. After all of the data was collected and analyzed we determined that with this brake cooling kit we successfully reduced rotor temperatures by over 200 degrees.

The STILLEN brake cooling kit is offered as a separate front and rear kit.


photo by ICARUS

GT-R Front Active Brake Cooling System

The front brake cooling kit consists of a weather resistant electric fan, mounting brackets, wiring kit and switch, and poly-urethane air diversion splitter.

GT-R Rear Brake Cooling System

The rear cooling kit utilizes polyurethane air scoops which work in conjunction with the factory NACA ducts in the belly pan to route air to the braking system, and also features polyurethane air funnels, accordion tube and all necessary mounting bracketry.

It’s important to note that during our testing we also found that with the VDC off, the rear brake cooling isn’t 100% necessary. Because brakes work better with a bit of heat in them, we prefer to leave the rear brake cooling kit off of the car when Steve Millen drives, because he does not utilize the VDC control system. If you are like 99% of the owner’s of GT-R’s and are not in fact, a professional racing driver, you more than likely utilize the VDC function and therefore, we would suggest the rear brake cooling system.

These kits, while developed to aid in the necessary cooling for the Carbon Ceramic Brake setup, this kit is also extremely effective in lowering caliper/rotor temperatures for both stock iron rotor setups, as well as the AP Racing iron rotor upgrades.

For detailed information on the design and testing of the STILLEN Active Brake Cooling Package, please visit the STILLEN website for much more information.

Got questions or ready to upgrade your brake system? Reach out to STILLEN :
CALL US AT 866-250-5542
Email us at: sales@stillen.com
Or Live Chat at stillen.com

It’s not every day that we release our Nissan 370Z demo car into the wild but when the guys from The Smoking Tire asked to stop by and take the car for a spin we had to oblige!  Matt Farah has been here before and went for a spin with Steve in the team STILLEN GT-R Targa rally car.  During that visit Matt saw the 370Z in multiple pieces as it was receiving the STILLEN treatment.  After multiple phone calls, emails, and text messages we were able to schedule a visit for Matt to get into the drivers seat of a STILLEN tuned 370Z.


Or check out the video at TheSmokingTire.com.

This car has been reworked from the inside out and from front to back.  With KW Variant III coil overs, STILLEN adjustable sway bars, SPC adjustable control arms, AP Racing brakes, Enkei GTC-01 wheels and Toyo R888 tires, STILLEN 370Z Cat-back exhaust, 370Z supercharger (CARB EXEMPT EO# D-436-20 and warrantied) to the STILLEN 370Z Bodykit In Urethane along with the Seibon carbon fiber hood.

All of these upgrades work together brilliantly to create an extremely capable and devastatingly quick Z. The 370Z’s notoriously underwhelming brakes have been replaced with a high performance set from AP Racing. The ride height has been dropped even further using a set of KW V3 Adjustable Coilovers paired with a set of STILLEN Adjustable Sway Bars and Adjustable Control Arms. To help ensure the suspension and brakes can effectively do their job, a set of ENKEI GTC-01 Wheels wrapped in Toyo R888 Tires helps get all 500 ponies to the ground.

Wanna see more? Our friends at /THEDRIVE also gave our 500HP Supercharged 370Z a go. Check that video out here:

For more information on available auto parts and accessories for the Nissan 370Z, call (866) 250-5542 or visit www.STILLEN.com

STILLEN is proud to announce that the Infiniti Q50 Supercharger is now available for shipping! Q50 owners across the US and around the world who demand the very best have patiently waited for the STILLEN supercharger to enter production, and the wait was worth it!

STILLEN Infiniti Q50 Black Supercharger

500 Horsepower Supercharger

How does around 500 horsepower at the flywheel sound as a reward for your patience?

Add a dose of torque, better-than-stock heat management and airflow, 50 state emissions compliance and near stock fuel economy at low RPM. Now you’ve got the formula for superchargers done the STILLEN way.

We’re talking driveable horsepower too, suitable for daily drivers, canyon carvers and track days.

What does ‘driveable’ mean? Take an unsuspecting passenger for a low RPM cruise around town in your STILLEN supercharged Infiniti Q50. Keep a light touch on the gas pedal and they might be fooled into thinking there’s a bone stock motor under the hood.

They won’t suspect a thing….until you hit the town limit sign and crack the throttle wide open.

Scenery gets blurry-in-a-hurry as the centrifugal Vortech blower spins up to hyperspeed with a telltale hiss. The STILLEN designed and built intake manifold sucks in cubic yards of cool air. The remapped ECU fuel management module jacks the boosted fuel pump to inject the precise amount of high octane cocktail into the maelstrom.

Your right foot is orchestrating a symphony of controlled violence that delivers a linear, bottomless powerband. If you can peel your head off the headrest to sneak a glance at your passenger you’ll see instant enlightenment and heavy G’s at work.

Some of the exclusive STILLEN Q50 supercharger features include:

  • Boosts output to +/- 500 HP at the flywheel
  • Compact design means no hood replacement required
  • Front-mounted compact heat exchanger maximizes cool air flow to vital engine cooling components
  • In-manifold air-water intercooler chills air charge at engine entry point for maximum efficiency
  • Redesigned intake manifold for increased airflow and torque
  • Utilizes Vortech V3 supercharger – fully sealed, quiet, upgradeable and reliable
  • 50 state legal
  • Available 3 year/36,000 Powertrain Warranty

STILLEN Infiniti Q50 Black Supercharger


Before donning the STILLEN logo, this supercharger was thoroughly tested to ensure maximum quality and performance by our in-house Research and Development team. However, to truly test this supercharger’s limits, it was put through its paces and driven from STILLEN headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA to the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada and back by STILLEN Vice President of Business Development, Kyle Millen.

After the drive, Millen said: “The Q50 drove exceptionally well the whole way. There were a few stretches of road where I was able to open up the car and I was very happy with the power delivery as well as drivability.”

With results like this during testing, we have no question about this supercharger system’s quality and reliability. As such, we are offering a 3 year/36,000 mile manufacturer’s limited engine warranty on this kit.

STILLEN Infiniti Q50 Supercharger

STILLEN Infiniti Q50 Supercharger Kit Part Numbers

Contact Us

We’re sure you have questions about the STILLEN Infiniti Q50 Supercharger,  so please give our experts a call. You can reach them at 866-250-5542 and they will be happy to give you more information, answer any questions you have and help you order your new supercharger!

While traveling to Sturgis, STILLEN founder and Racing Champion Steve Millen, had the chance to visit one of our long-time authorized dealers – Garcia Infiniti in Albuquerque, NM. While touring the Garcia Infiniti facility, Steve had the opportunity to learn more about their dealership from Carlos Garcia, owner of Garcia Infiniti, and speak with their service team. Plus, he was able to see firsthand the custom builds they are creating using STILLEN aftermarket parts with their latest showroom Q50!

Steve Millen and the Owner of Garica Infiniti

Steve Millen and Carlos Garcia, Owner of Garcia Infiniti, Standing Next to Garcia Infiniti’s Latest Showroom Q50

Performance Parts Featured On the Garcia Infiniti Q50:

Garcia Infiniti's Showroom Q50 with STILLEN Parts

STILLEN Q50 Premium Front Splitter

  • Durable and Resilient High Quality Urethane Construction so it won’t easily be damaged
  • Racing-Inspired Splitter Design Is Beautiful & Functional – Increases Airflow to Radiator & Heat Exchanger
  • Designed to fit stock “Premium” trim level fascia – Does Not Fit SPORT (Click for SPORT Splitter)
  • Designed and Manufactured at STILLEN HQ in the USA for outstanding quality and fit

Garcia Infiniti's Showroom Q50 with STILLEN Parts

STILLEN Q50 Rear Diffuser

  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA for superior fit and quality
  • Durable and Resilient High Quality Urethane Construction so it won’t easily be damaged
  • Aggressive, Large Diffuser Fins Offer Race-Inspired Look
  • Comes with pre-installed 3M tape and requires no cutting or bumper modifications
  • Manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty

Garcia Infiniti's Showroom Q50 with STILLEN Parts

STILLEN Cat-Back Exhaust

  • Manufactured in 304 stainless steel and features handsome polished dual wall tips
  • Comes with a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty
  • Mandrel bent piping for a smooth flow and performance gains
  • Distinct STILLEN exhaust sound that is mild during cruising, but aggressive when under throttle
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA at STILLEN HQ For Precision

Garcia Infiniti's Showroom Q50 with STILLEN Parts

STILLEN Cold Air Intake

  • Design features twin mandrel bent polished aluminum intake tubes and polyurethane heat shields
  • Improves Throttle Response and Power
  • Fantastic Sound Under Throttle
  • Heat-Shielded True Cold Air Intake Design
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA at STILLEN HQ
  • CARB EXEMPT (E.O. #D-436-22)

Steve Millen and the Garcia Infiniti Team

About Garcia Infiniti

Known for their professional demeanor and state of the art facility, the Garcia Infiniti team has been consistently exceeding their customer’s expectations for years.  Their sales team is one of the best; always thoroughly answering potential customer’s questions and working to get them the best price possible for their vehicle.

Additionally, Garcia Infiniti also features a Service Center that not only performs routine maintenance and repairs, but also installs aftermarket performance parts for their customers, which can be purchased on-site from their performance specialists in their Parts Department.  For more information, stop by the Garcia Infiniti dealership, which is located at 1234 S. Renaissance Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107 or call (505) 217-3000 to speak with their experts.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the STILLEN parts featured on the Garcia Infiniti showroom Q50, please contact us! Our experts will be happy to answer your questions and help you select parts to help you get the look, performance and handling you’ve been dreaming of. You can reach us by calling (866) 250-5542.


While we have a strong racing heritage here at STILLEN, it’s not as well known that we also have an appreciation for drift cars. STILLEN founder, Steve Millen and the Millen family have quite the history hooning RWD cars before we ever called it ‘drifting’. Steve Millen and his brother, Rod Millen, were actually some of the first to drift on national TV with their 1989 Nissan 240SX TV commercial, and later Rod’s son, Rhys Millen, was one of the first professionals Drifting in the USA. As most brothers tend to be, Steve and Rod have always been very competitive, even having raced professionally against each other, which makes the title “Me and My Shadow” especially fitting.

For those of you that haven’t seen it, check out the video below:

Quantum Auto Sport’s Drifter 370Z Supercharger Install

With this history at STILLEN, you can imagine our excitement when we heard one of our vendors, Quantum Auto Sport, was installing a STILLEN supercharger on 370Z drift car. We have a long history with Quantum Auto Sport and they are one of our premier supercharger installers in Europe. Their team has actually installed most of the STILLEN 350Z superchargers in Germany and are Uprev Pro Dealers, so it’s great to see them continuing the tradition with the 370Z. Even with such a long history of working together, it’s always exciting to know that another STILLEN supercharger will be tearing up the streets overseas.

Check out the Quantum Auto Sport video on their Facebook page to see how the dyno testing went after the supercharger install!

As you can see, 370Z drifter is making a ton of power with its new STILLEN supercharger – even enough to move the suction pipe (approximately minute 0:48)! The results of the dyno showed that the 370Z drifter made 460 horsepower with the STILLEN supercharger kit installed. Now, we can’t wait to see the video of this 370Z drifting after the supercharger install!

Ready for Your STILLEN Supercharger?

If you live in Europe and are looking for an authorized STILLEN installer, be sure to stop by the Quantum Auto Sport shop. With over 10 years’ experience working with high performance cars, they are very knowledgeable and are extremely qualified. To get a hold of them, call them at +49 6102-837760 or stop by their shop which is located at Dornhofstr. 32 Gebäude, 63263 Neu-Isenburg, Germany.


Steve Millen & team with the No. 75 Nissan 300ZX & No. 76 Nissan 300ZX After Winning the 1994 24 Hours of Le Mans

Steve Millen & team with the No. 75 Nissan 300ZX & No. 76 Nissan 300ZX After Winning the 1994 24 Hours of Le Mans

Coming out of retirement and ready to win another race, Steve Millen, No. 75 Nissan 300ZX and the original crew are racing at the 2014 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion in Monterey, CA to celebrate his winning 1994 season. As you can imagine, the STILLEN team is looking forward to be celebrating the anniversary and to see our founder back on the track racing the iconic No. 75 car. There is no one more excited than Steve Millen, who had this to say about the upcoming race, “The past 20 years have flown by like they were 24 hours, so getting back behind the wheel of the No. 75 with the support of many of the original team members will be like stepping into a time machine. People might forget that this car was so dominant in 1994 that IMSA banned its twin-turbo V6 engine. I think we’ve got a great chance to bring it into Victory Lane one more time against some other amazing race cars at Laguna Seca. I can’t wait.”

The sentiment is also shared by Nissan, who will be setting up a display in the Laguna Seca garage area that will support the No. 75 Nissan 300ZX’s return to competition. Additionally, the display will showcase Nissan’s newest sports cars – the Nissan 370Z NISMO and Nissan GT-R NISMO.  As Pierre Loing, Vice President of Product Planning at Nissan North America, Inc. said, “From the original 1994 Le Mans inspection sticker to the twin-turbo V6 and Nissan 5-speed Hewland gearbox, the No. 75 is the real deal and we can’t wait to see it back on the track at speed with Steve Millen at the controls.”

This particular chassis is especially close to Millen’s heart as it is the most successful chassis from the NISSAN IMSA 300ZX campaign. Steve won more races, set more lap records, and pole positions in this particular car than any other car.

No. 75 Nissan 300ZX Chassis 007 Specs & Accolades:

  • Prepared by Clayton Cunningham Racing (CCR)
  • Chromoly steal tub structure with a carbon fiber and aluminum body
  • 2960cc twin-turbo VG30DETT V6 engine, which is rated at more than 800 hp
  • 5-speed Nissan transmission with Hewland gears
  • Still has the original 1994 Le Mans inspection sticker on backwall
  • Won the IMSA GTS class at the 24 Hours of Le Mans (placed 5th overall)
  • Won the 12 Hours of Sebring
  • First place finish at Road Atlanta
  • Pole position and victory at Portland International Raceway
  • 1994 IMSA GTS Drivers’ and Manufactures’ Championship

*For more information about the racing history of the Nissan No. 75 300ZX and Steve Millen’s racing career, please visit: http://www.stillen.com/racing-i-33.html

Road to Running

As you can imagine, getting the twin-turbo V6 75 car track ready is quite a feat. Steve Millen and technicians from the STILLEN performance shop have been hard at work preparing the car for the race, where it will compete against 550 vehicles at the Monterey Historics this August. Keep up with the action, including vehicle shakedown and practice sessions, by subscribing to the STILLEN blog, following the STILLEN Facebook page and following STILLEN on Instagram. See you on the track!