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Boost Your 2015 Escalade


Could your 2015 Cadillac Escalade use an extra 106 horsepower and 105 lb-ft torque to the wheels?  With Magnuson’s supercharger kit installed, your 5.3-liter direct-injection V8 will realize an increase in both horsepower and torque with little perceptible lag, thanks to Magnuson’s positive displacement, TVS1900 Hybrid-roots supercharger. This bolt-on supercharger kit can be installed in a single day without any modifications to the hood. (Engine management calibration is required. Please contact Stillen for more details.) The Internal Bypass Valve mitigates parasitic drag, to enable the engine to maintain factory-like fuel efficiently while cruising or on the highway. This kit includes a liquid-to-air intercooler to maintain intake air temperatures for reliable performance. According to Magnuson, this kit generates 6psi of boost pressure, bumping horsepower output by approximately 106 horsepower and 105 lb-ft torque to the wheels.

DSC04520 IMG_0536

Magnuson 2015 Cadillac Escalade Supercharger Kit (MAG011953187BL)

  • TVS1900 Hybrid-roots supercharger.
  • Installs in one day.
  • 100% complete bolt-on system.
  • No hood modifications are required.
  • More power in a smaller package.
  • 180deg. rotation of the supercharger provides a straight airflow path for maximum power and efficiency.
  • Internal Bypass Valve virtually eliminates parasitic loss to give you stock-like fuel economy when cruising or in highway driving (uses less than 1/3 of a horsepower at 60 mph).
  • Delivers a proven increase in real world “under the curve” power.
  • High thermal efficiency.
  • 2.4 pressure ratio capability.
  • High helix four-lobe rotors with 160deg. of twist.
  • Redesigned inlet and outlet ports.
  • Improved air-handling characteristics.
  • Acoustically designed for noise and vibration reductions.
  • Utilizes all factory “push-lock” connectors

DSC04521 unnamed-2

To order or get more information, contact STILLEN at 866-250-5542, by email at sales@stillen.com or via live chat at stillen.com!


50 State Street-Legal Boost by Edelbrock

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The term “street legal” applies to cars that roll off the dealership’s lot or showroom floor. For the enthusiast seeking more performance, maintaining street-legal status requires the installation of government approved upgrades. The state with the most stringent requirements in the nation is California, as set forth by the California Air Research Board (C.A.R.B.).

If a manufacturer wishes to sell parts that have any effect on the emissions of a vehicle, it must submit its products to C.A.R.B. for evaluation. Once the design satisfies C.A.R.B. requirements, CARB will issue that specific product and vehicle application an Executive Order (E.O.) number, indicating that the part(s) or upgrades have been approved for street use. This is especially important in states that require emissions, where a visual inspection will fail if the parts installed are not street legal.E Force Supercharger

Edelbrock has submitted numerous products to C.A.R.B. to be evaluated for street-legal use. Its latest E-Force Supercharger Systems for the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS, 2015-16 Corvette Z06, 2012-16 Jeep Wrangler and 2012-16 Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86 have all received E.O. numbers, allowing more horsepower to be made legally.

For more information about Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger solutions or to purchase an E-Force Supercharger kit for your ride, contact STILLEN at 866-250-5542, by email at sales@stillen.com or via live chat at stillen.com.


Edelbrock rolls back the numbers on some of its popular E-Force Supercharger Systems.

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Edelbrock has made supercharging select vehicle platforms even more affordable with the announcement of price reductions on select E Force Supercharger kits.
To purchase or for more information, hit us up on live chat at STILLEN.com or call us at 866-250-5542. You can also email us at sales@stillen.com. https://blog.stillen.com/2017/03/edelbrock-e-forc…-price-reduction/

E Force Supercharger


WD Price List_No Prices


To see the full line of Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger Kits, got to stillen.com for more information! You can also contact us at 866-250-5542, via email at sales@stillen.com, or via live chat at stillen.com!

This has certainly been the summer of superchargers for the STILLEN performance shop. For as many supercharger installs our ASE certified mechanics have done, none have been better looking than the Infiniti G37 show car that got a STILLEN polished supercharger. From a custom exhaust to carbon fiber body components, this was one very sleek looking car!

STILLEN Polished Supercharger in G37 Sedan

STILLEN Polished Supercharger in G37 Sedan

STILLEN Supercharger, Seibon Carbon Fiber Body Components & More!

Seibon Carbon Fiber Body Components

The first step in getting this vehicle show ready was getting the Seibon carbon fiber added to its body. From lip to trunk, this Infiniti G37 is decked out in carbon fiber and it looks fantastic! Here’s a full list of the Seibon carbon body components that can be found on this G37:

Show G37 Sedan with Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood

Show G37 Sedan with Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood

Seibon Carbon Fiber Specs:

  • Made from grade AA, high-quality carbon fiber
  • Comes with a clear coat and UV coating to protect against fading and discoloration
  • Superior production process yields an impressive carbon/resin ration
  • Hand crafted by expert craftsmen with over 15 years’ experience

STILLEN Polished Supercharger

As supercharger installs go, it’s pretty exciting for the STILLEN performance shop to install a polished blower. Most of our customers are all about the power and less about the looks, so they opt for the satin supercharger. Since this costumer chose to go with the show-quality, STILLEN polished supercharger we were pretty excited to see that beautiful sight it would be sitting in the engine bay and this blower didn’t disappoint – it is exquisite.

Infiniti G37 Sedan with Polished STILLEN Supercharger

Infiniti G37 Sedan with Polished STILLEN Supercharger

STILLEN Infiniti G37 Polished Supercharger Specs:

Infiniti G37 Sedan with Seibon Carbon Fiber Fenders, Stance Wheels, and lowering kit

Infiniti G37 Sedan with Seibon Carbon Fiber Fenders, Stance Wheels, and lowering kit

Wheels, Exhaust & Finishing Touches

No show vehicle is complete without wheels and a lowering kit and this show G37 is no different. The owner installed a lowering kit and added Stance Wheels for a sleek, custom look. To make sure the car sounded custom too, the owner also added a custom exhaust. Now that the details are starting to come together, we can’t wait to hear how this vehicle does in the shows it enters. Rumor around the office was that the owner was looking to enter it in the Las Vegas SEMA show… We sure hope to see it there and really hope it wins!

G37 Sedan Getting the STILLEN Supercharger Installed

G37 Sedan Getting the STILLEN Polished Supercharger Installed

Ready to Upgrade? Contact the STILLEN Experts

If you’re ready to get your Infiniti G37 or another vehicle show ready, give us a call at (866) 250-5542 and we will be happy to help you. Our specialists can recommend lowering kits, grilles, exhausts, superchargers, big brake kits, and everything else you need to be show ready. We also feature a full service performance shop that is open to the public in at headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA. Our performance shop specializes in performance part installs and will be happy to help you get ready for your big show. To make an appointment, simply give us a call and we will get you on our schedule!

While we regularly hold training sessions with our vendors to keep up with their latest product lines and to brush up on their existing product lines, it’s not every day our vendors show up with a red hot Chevy Camaro as their training material. Recently, Magnuson superchargers did just that to introduce us to their new Heartbeat Supercharger.

Magnuson Supercharger

Magnuson Supercharger

More Efficiency, More Power

To start out the training, our sales rep reviewed the details of the new Heartbeat supercharger system with us. One key improvement over their previous systems and their competitors’ systems is an improved intercooling system. By utilizing Formula 1 and NASCAR heat exchanger technology to make their cooling system more efficient, they were able to avoid heat soak, bring down the IATs which provides more consistent performance from the new Heartbeat line of superchargers. Here are a few other benefits of this system:

  • Includes a cast aluminum intake manifold
  • Fuel system comes with factory push-lock connectors for an easier installation
  • Kit includes twin dual-pass charge air coolers, coolant circulation pump, heat exchanger and all necessary installation hardware
Magnuson Supercharger Installed in 2014 Chevy Camaro

Magnuson Supercharger Installed in 2014 Chevy Camaro

With all of these upgrades, you’re probably wondering, as we were, “How much power does this system actually make?” Looking at the Magnuson Heartbeat supercharger for 2008-2013 Chevrolet Corvette, you can expect over 900 HP at 10-11 psi with this system. This is more than 25 HP than their previous system and 46 HP more than their competitors’ systems were able to produce in independent testing.

Magnuson Supercharger Training Demo

Magnuson Supercharger Training Demo

Seeing the Heartbeat Supercharger in Action

After hearing all of this, we were excited to see the Heartbeat supercharger in action. That’s when we were able to get a sneak peak of one of their systems that will be available soon – the Magnuson Heartbeat Supercharger for the Chevy Camaro! This particular system was installed on a new 2014 Chevy Camaro SS 1LE. We couldn’t get specifics, but it is rumored that this kit has been tested to produce 500+ hp to the wheels!

Questions? Contact Us

After our training with Magnuson superchargers and being introduced to the Heartbeat supercharger system, our sales team is ready to answer any questions you have about their systems. If you have any questions about the Magnuson superchargers or any other superchargers we carry, simply give us a call at (866) 250-5542 and we will be happy to help you. Also, if you are looking to get your supercharger professionally installed, be sure to stop by our Southern California performance shop. To get an appointment, simply give us a call and we will be happy to get you on our schedule.

Our friends at Nissan Lloydminster are at it again with another souped-up Titan. The goal of this project truck was to make it powerful and fast to leave other trucks in its dust… They definitely met their goal with this Titan! The list of upgrades on the Nissan Lloydminster truck is impressive and is definitely enough to turn any enthusiast’s head!

Nissan Lloydminster souped-up Nissan Titan

Nissan Lloydminster souped-up Titan

Adding Horsepower to the Souped-Up Titan:

To get the horsepower they were looking for, the Nissan Lloydminster team started by replacing the stock intake with a STILLEN Hi-Flow cold air intake. They also removed the stock exhaust and added a STILLEN 503257 dual exhaust. Not only do these upgrades improve horsepower, but they also help improve air efficiency. However, these changes were not enough for the Lloydminster Nissan team… They wanted more power! To accomplish this, they decided to supercharge the engine with a STILLEN 407570 supercharger, which has brought the power on similar Titans up to 379HP at the wheels. Now, this Titan can really haul!

Note: Dyno results will vary based on temperature, altitude, and other environmental factors.

Lloydminster Nissan Titan with STILLEN supercharger

Lloydminster Nissan Titan with STILLEN supercharger

Don’t worry though, this Titan didn’t just get a STILLEN power boost. It also got several other upgrades to round out its makeover. Other upgrades made include new wheels and tires, lowering shackles, transmission mount and chrome billet grille.

Nissan Lloydminster Nissan Titan with STILLEN upgrades

Nissan Lloydminster Titan with STILLEN upgrades

The Full List of Upgrades:

Check out the full list upgrades this project Titan has:

Lloydminster Nissan Titan with custom STILLEN parts

Lloydminster Nissan Titan with custom STILLEN parts

How to Find This Souped-Up Nissan Titan:

If you are as excited about this truck as we are and are in the Lloydminster, AB area, you’ll want to stop by the Lloydminster Nissan dealership or give them a call at (888) 273-4071. Additionally, if you have any questions about the STILLEN parts on this truck or any of the other parts we manufacturer, please give us a call 866-250-5542 and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

STILLEN is proud to announce that all current production STILLEN superchargers have achieved CARB exemption through 2014!  For many years, STILLEN has been recognized as the leader in NISSAN/INFINITI performance products and we continue our commitment by continuing to invest in tuning these fine vehicles. Our dedication to the NISSAN/INFINITI vehicles and the pride we have for the parts we manufacture for them shines through with this latest accomplishment.  The new CARB exemption order numbers (EO # D-426-19 and EO# D-436-20) cover all single and dual throttle body supercharger systems for the VQ35, VQ35HR, VQ37, VQ40 and VK56 engines.

STILLEN CARB Approved Supercharger for Nissan 350Z

STILLEN CARB Approved Supercharger for VQ37 engines

Not only is STILLEN the only company to offer CARB exempt performance parts for these vehicles, but STILLEN is the only company in the world to achieve CARB legality when tuning through the factory ECU with larger fuel injectors.  In the past, the only way to achieve CARB approval was with a piggyback ECU.

With the latest extension of CARB Exemption Order numbers, STILLEN is also excited to announce the extension of the powertrain warranty programs already in place for these supercharger systems.  When you purchase your supercharger kit you have the option of adding a 3 year/36,000 mile powertrain warranty.  STILLEN is the only NISSAN/INFINITI tuner in the world to offer this with their supercharger systems.

Note: CARB (California Air Resources Board), a division of the California state government, is widely recognized as the strictest emissions control in the US and is recognized in all 50 states as an emissions standard for all performance parts. If a performance part achieves CARB legality, it is recognized as 50-state legal.

STILLEN CARB Approved Superchargers:

Single Throttle Body Superchargers (EO# D-436-19)

50-State Legal Nissan 350Z Supercharger by STILLEN

50-State Legal Nissan 350Z Supercharger by STILLEN

Dual Throttle Body Superchargers (EO# D-436-20)

STILLEN 50 State Legal Supercharger for Nissan 370Z

STILLEN 50 State Legal Supercharger for Nissan 370Z

Want to see more photos of the of the STILLEN dual throttle body superchargers? Check out the slide show below!

Next Steps

For more information about STILLEN’s 50 state legal superchargers, please call us at (866) 250-5542 and we will be happy to help you. We also feature wide variety of other performance parts and a full service performance shop that specializes in dyno tuning, laser alignment, supercharger installations, and more!

Dodge Challenger Supercharger Install

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an update from the STILLEN Performance Shop, but that doesn’t mean there has been a shortage of awesome vehicles to roll through. From exhausts to superchargers, our mechanics have been busy installing, tuning and everything in between to get upgrades completed for our customers so they can get back on the road.

Magnuson Supercharged Challenger SRT8

A few months back this menacing black SRT8 came through for a Magnuson Supercharger install. It was already boasting some heavy modifications like upgraded suspension, cat-back exhaust, carbon fiber front lip, hood and trunk.

magnuson supercharged challenger front view

magunuson supercharged challenger carbon fiber trunk wing

Check out the lighting set up on this black beauty!
magnuson supercharged challenger phanthom grill with red fog lights

There are a few supercharger options available for the Dodge Challenger, including forced induction kits from Whipple and Edelbrock, but it seems like the Magnuson has been the favorite for the 6.1L Hemi as of late.
magnuson supercharged challerger srt8

The Magnuson Supercharger is a CARB approved Hybrid Roots supercharger that is a 100% bolt-on system and is said to produce approximately 120 horsepower and 120 ft pounds of torque to the wheels.

front view of the magnuson supercharged challenger

Magnuson Supercharged Challenger SRT8 Specifications

  • Produces approximately 120 horsepower and 120 ft-pounds of torque
  • CARB approved EO# D-488-16
  • Only requires an oil change every 80,000-120,000 miles
  • No hood modifications are required
  • Standard 3-year/36,000 mile Warranty on the Magnuson supercharger hardware
  • Standard 1-year Limited Warranty on electronics
  • Optional 3-year/36,000 mile, 5-year/60,000 mile, or 5-year/100,000 mile Powertrain Warranty (additional cost)

carbon fiber hood covering the magnuson supercharged challenger

For more info on Magnuson Superchargers or to schedule an appointment with the STILLEN Performance Shop for an install, give us a call at (888) 366-0686 or visit www.stillen.com. Our performance shop also specializes in exhaust installations, body component installations, dyno-tuning and more!

Since STILLEN signed the agreement with Whipple Superchargers to become the only recognized and warranty certified installer in the Southern California area, the STILLEN Performance Shop  has been booked solid installing these beauties. The dominant car has definitely been the Chevrolet Camaro, but the latest installation was on this absolutely gorgeous Ford F150 6.2 Liter SVT Raptor.

Ford Raptor Supercharger with Whipple Supercharger installed

Ford F150 SVT Raptor with Whipple Supercharger

To say we were excited to get right into the Ford Raptor supercharger install would be a huge understatement, the whole office was buzzing and taking bets (no money was exchanged- just bragging rights) on how much h.p. this beast would pull on the Dyno after the install.

Ford Raptor Supercharger by Whipple

Ford Raptor Supercharger engine view

We’ve had plenty of trucks come through the doors here to get work done, but this was the first Raptor, and a heavily modified one at that with a full RPG suspension, cat-back exhaust, LED lights, winch, 37’s, etc.

Ford Raptor Supercharger front engine shot

With the latest technology, the all new Whipple supercharger kit creates more power than any other superchargers on the market and is 100% complete and designed for stock engines, but also has enough capability to work with the heaviest of modified engines. With this in mind, we were expecting the Whipple to add about 25% extra horsepower at the wheel to this truck’s already impressive resume!

Ford Raptor supercharger Whipple close up in engine

Ford Raptor Supercharger engine bay with whipple installed at Stillen

After the Ford Raptor Supercharger Install

On the baseline run on the Dyno the truck pulled 360 h.p. at the wheel. After the install, we mounted it up again and this time the results were drastically different!!! The truck laid down 502 h.p., an almost 40% increase.

Ford Raptor F150 H.P. Dyno pull Stillen WhippleAdditionally, our customer saw an increase from 386 to 485 in FT Lbs. of Torque, a 25% increase!!!!

Ford F150 Torque Dyno pull Stillen WhippleTo say our customer was happy after the Ford Raptor supercharger install would be an understatement…..he was over the moon!!! He knew in an instant he had made the right choice on not only the Supercharger, but also on the highly skilled team of technicians at STILLEN to get it installed correctly!! Click on the video below to see second Dyno pull and check out the results.

Whipple Superchargers Installed By STILLEN

STILLEN continues to be the only recognized and warranty certified installer in the Southern California area for all Whipple Supercharger installations. When you have your supercharger kit installed by the STILLEN Performance Shop you can be rest assured that your vehicle will be eligible for coverage under the Whipple Supercharger 3-year/36,000 mile, 5-year/60,000 mile or even the 5-year/100,000 mile warranty options!

Whipple supercharger from Stillen

Whipple Superchargers are designed and manufactured in the US and utilize their innovative Twin Screw Compressor technology and only require oil replacement every 100,000 miles. We have Whipple Supercharger kits available and ready to install on your American Car, Truck, or SUV! Call the STILLEN Performance Shop today at (866) 250-5542 to schedule an appointment.

Camaro SS Magnusson Supercharger Installed

Installing the Magnuson Camaro SS Supercharger

More supercharger goodness here in the STILLEN Performance Shop. This time in the form of a Magnuson Supercharger System dropping into a 2011 Victory Red Chevy Camaro SS. The stock Camaro SS is a 6.2L V8 powerplant that is said to boost 426 horsepower and 420 Foot Pounds of Torque in this 6-speed manual transmission.

Magnuson Camaro SS Supercharger Installed

Magnuson Camaro SS Supercharger Installed

Magnuson Camaro SS Supercharger Installed

Magnuson Camaro SS Supercharger Installed

Pfadt Suspension Installed

Along with the supercharger, we also bolted on a few Pfadt Suspension pieces. The Chevy Camaro SS Pfadt Rear Arm Package includes Rear Trailing Arms and Rear Tie Rods. These stainless steel arms increase strength while reducing overall weight. This allows the Camaro rear suspension to react quicker while keeping the rear tires in contact with the road for greater traction. The Pfadt Rear Arm Packages includes all required upgraded replacement bushings.
Pfadt Rear Trailing Arms and  Rear Tie Rods for Chevy Camaro SS

Camaro SS Stock Rear Tie Rod and Rear Trailing Arm

Stock Rear Tie Rod and Rear Trailing Arm

Camaro SS Pfadt Rear Tie Rod and Rear Trailing Arm Installed

Pfadt Rear Tie Rod and Rear Trailing Arm Installed

Pfadt Camaro Front and Rear Adjustable Sport Sway Bars

5th Generation Camaros are notorious for under-steer. The Pfadt Sport Sway Bars eliminate that by providing a proper rate of stiffness and balance. This reduces body roll and increases steering response resulting in a better driving experience. Pfadt Sport Sway Bars include greasable graphite-impregnated polyurethane bushings and new mounting brackets for a complete installation.
Pfadt Rear Sway Bar for Chevy Camaro SS

Pfadt Rear Sway Bar Installed on Camaro SS

Pfadt Rear Sway Bar Installed

After the Pfadt Front and Rear Sway Bars and Rear Arm Package were installed, it went up on the rack for computer alignment to get it back into spec.
Stillen Performance shop computer alignment Camaro SS
Then it was out to the Dyno to see this Magnuson Supercharger in action.
Supercharged Camaro SS on Dyno Front

Supercharged Camaro SS on Dyno Rear
After it was all said and done, the supercharged Chevy put down 521 horsepower and 495 foot pounds of torque!

Chevy Camaro SS with Magnusson Supercharger Dyno Sheet

For more info on any of the performance products installed in this Chevy Camaro SS or to schedule an appointment with our ASE Certified Technicians for an install, give us a call at (714) 540-5566 or visit http://www.stillen.com