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As the only Authorized Southern California Whipple installer, the STILLEN performance shop has been busy this summer installing Whipple superchargers on a lot of different vehicles. Even with the variety of vehicles coming in, the darling of the performance shop is the Ford SVT Raptor – it seems that every Raptor owner in SoCal wants to get a little extra power out of their engines and we’re more than happy to oblige!

A couple of weeks ago, we had a beastly blue Raptor come visit the STILLEN performance shop for a Whipple supercharger.

Ford Raptor From Los Angeles, CA on the Dyno After Getting a Whipple Supercharger Installed

Ford Raptor From Los Angeles, CA on the Dyno After Getting a Whipple Supercharger Installed

Big Blue, Big Power with Whipple Supercharger Install

The owner of this big blue beast was looking for more power to cruise around the streets of LA and tear up the local deserts while off-roading, so our experts recommended getting a Whipple supercharger for SVT Raptor installed. However, like many owners that install superchargers, this Raptor owner noticed that wheel hop was becoming a bit of a problem. His truck was just making too much power! Since toning down the power wasn’t an option (who would want to do that?!), we recommend that he install a bump stop kit.

Whipple Supercharger on Ford SVT Raptor

Whipple Supercharger on Ford SVT Raptor

Now that he’s had the work completed for a couple of weeks, he loves the power the Whipple supercharger is making for his Raptor and his truck is no longer suffering from wheel hop. Like many others that have visited the STILLEN performance shop, he now has many other additional upgrades planed and we can’t wait to see what the next round of upgrades will be!

Icon bumpstop kit on Ford Raptor with Whipple Supercharger

The Upgrades:

Whipple Heat Exchanger Installed on Ford SVT Raptor

Whipple Heat Exchanger Installed on Ford SVT Raptor

The owner of this Ford Raptor had a vision for his truck that we were happy to bring to life. Check out the full list of upgrades below:

Make Your Appointment

If you’re like this Ford Raptor owner and want to take your beast to the next level, stop by the STILLEN performance shop or give us a call at (866) 250-5542. Our ASE certified experts proudly serve the southern California area including LA, Orange County, San Diego County and the Inland Empire. We can’t wait to see your vehicle at our shop!

Camaro SS Convertible front

One of the first Whipple Superchargers came through the STILLEN Performance Shop recently. With our newly signed agreement, STILLEN is now the only recognized and warranty certified installer in the Southern California area for all Whipple Superchargers. We were excited to get right to it and install one of these amazing pieces of machinery on a 2011 Chevy Camaro SS Convertible.

Camaro SS Convertible Whipple Supercharger top

The Camaro SS has been a regular in the shop as of late, but this is one of the first convertibles. Although this was a fairly stock automatic L99 and already on a lower power range compared to it’s 6-speed LS3 brother, we were still hoping to see a significant power increase once the Whipple Supercharger was bolted on.

Camaro SS Convertible

Camaro SS Convertible stock motor

Whipple Supercharger Twin Screw Technology

Whipple Superchargers have been leading the way of GM twin-screw supercharging for over 23 years and have engineered the most powerful intercooled twin-screw supercharger system available today for the Chevrolet Camaro.
Camaro SS Convertible Whipple Supercharger unboxed

Camaro SS Convertible Whipple Supercharger inside

Camaro SS Convertible Whipple Supercharger installed

With the latest technology, the all new Whipple supercharger system creates more power than any other positive displacement forced induction system on the market and is 100% complete and designed for stock engines, but also has enough capability to work with heaviest of modified engines

Camaro SS Convertible Whipple Supercharger on dyno

Whipple Supercharger on Dyno

Putting the newly installed Whipple Supercharger on the dyno, we had some of the highest numbers we have ever seen come out of the L99 – 483.75 HP and 448.52 TQ! That’s an increase of 146 HP and 112 TQ over the stock motor.
whipple supercharged camaro ss horsepower dyno sheet

whipple supercharged camaro ss torque dyno sheet

For more info on Whipple Superchargers or to schedule an appointment with the STILLEN Performance Shop for an install, give us a call at (888) 366-0686 or visit www.stillen.com

STILLEN is proud to announce the relationship with Whipple Superchargers!

whipple supercharger
Whipple Supercharger Logo

STILLEN and Whipple Superchargers have just signed a new agreement ensuring there will be a facility in the Southern California area able to distribute, install, and support all Whipple supercharger systems. For many years STILLEN has been recognized as one of the premier high performance shops in California and Whipple Superchargers have been known to produce the most power of any supercharger system. Now the two will come together to support all of Southern California.

blue whipple supercharger

STILLEN is the only recognized and warranty certified installer in the Southern California area for all Whipple Superchargers. When you have your supercharger kit installed by the STILLEN Performance Shop you can rest assured that your vehicle will be eligible for coverage under the Whipple Supercharger 3-year/36,000 mile, 5-year/60,000 mile or even the 5-year/100,000 mile warranty options!

Whipple Supercharger Black Expanded

Whipple Superchargers are designed and manufactured in the US and utilize their innovative Twin Screw Compressor technology. This technology is similar in design to the Ford GT supercar and is the only forced induction unit on the market to have a positive displacement design for maximum low-end torque as well as high efficiency for greater top-end horsepower. These supercharger units only require oil replacement every 100,000 miles.

Camaro Whipple Supercharger

chrome whipple supercharger

We have Whipple Supercharger kits available and ready to install on your American Car, Truck, or SUV! Call the STILLEN Performance Shop today at (866) 250-5542 to schedule an appointment.