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  • A squirrel took out STILLEN’s power today by deciding to perform a suicide/fireworks show on the power poles in front today.. No power yet.. #
  • 350Z Dual Throttle Body owner gets 30.2WHP on DynoDynamics dyno with STILLEN Gen 3 Intake & Headers.. #



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  • Nice! RT @lance_r: @STILLEN luv my 350z series 2 fascia. Brake ducts kept even mere touring brakes from fading @ Harris Hill Road trackday. #
  • RT @lance_r: @STILLEN I had the pleasure of watching Steve drive the GT-R at ZCON09’s trackday. Isaac Newton wants his laws of physics back! #
  • RT @Streetfire This is the kind of news we hate to report. Legendary Shaun Carlson has died.. #
  • RT @SpeedSportLife: Jeremy Clarkson vs. the Hot Sauce bottle…as a native Texan this makes me laugh. #
  • Video: Glowing Carbon Ceramic Brakes on the STILLEN GT-R during Targa Rally – Gander stage.. #

Continuing with the performance success of the STILLEN Generation 3 Intake System for the 3.7L engines in the G37 Coupe and G37 Sedan, as well as the Dual Throttle Body 3.5L in the G35 Sedan – STILLEN is proud to release the Generation 3 Intake for the Dual Throttle Body 350Z.

STILLEN 350Z Dual Throttle Body Intake

When developing these intakes, we’ve seen the highest gains after 7-8 dyno runs.  During our testing, gains were up at 20hp to the wheels (dyno after the jump)!

  • Video: Steve Millen’s favorite stage at Targa Rally.. Brigus. Super tiny town, in the rain, roads as big as the car..
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  • Video: Targa Newfoundland Day 2 – Gander.. Awesome stage, basically high speed racing through housing sub-division.. #
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