STILLEN Brake Cooling Kit for Nissan 370Z Review- Featured in MotoIQ!

March 21, 2014

Here at STILLEN, we’re pretty proud of the products we make. We know firsthand how much time and effort goes into sourcing the correct materials, developing the perfect design and testing the prototypes all so that we are 100% confident that the aftermarket parts our customers are putting into their cars are the best they possibly could be. As proud as we are of the parts we make, we are even more proud when a third party recognizes a STILLEN part for its quality. Needless to say, the office was abuzz this week when we found out the STILLEN brake cooling kit for the Nissan 370Z was featured in a MotoIQ Project 370Z article!

MotoIQ Reivew: Nissan 370z with STILLEN Brake Cooling Kit

Nissan 370z with STILLEN Brake Cooling Kit

Project 370Z Article Summary

As the article mentions, the goal of Project 370Z is to get some track time with their 370Z. As improvements to the car have led to improved lap times, they have also led to more stress on the brakes. With this in mind, the team decided it was time to upgrade with the brake cooling kit. With that decision made, it was time to actually install the kit and test it. By this time, most of the STILLEN team was on the edge of their seat wanting to hear how our in-house testing was comparing to MotoIQ’s third party testing. Checkout the quote below to see how our brake cooling kit fared:

“With the brake ducts covered, the right front caliper temperature peaked at 272 degrees Fahrenheit, and the rotor at 529 degrees Fahrenheit. The Left front caliper reached 259 degrees, with the rotor at 550 degrees. Once the ducts were opened, both the left and right side caliper dropped 44 degrees. The right front rotor dropped 156 degrees, and the left front rotor dropped a whopping 216 degrees! This is a significant reduction and spot on with STILLEN’s in house testing at the same track. We were truly impressed with the numbers. Also the brake feel and control stayed more consistent throughout the session with the ducts functioning. Any 370 that sees a decent amount of track time should look into purchasing this kit, it’s a cost effective way to give yourself a higher temperature threshold for your brake system and will also prolong the life of the ware items such as pads, rotors, piston seals, and brake fluid.” – Clint Boisdeau, MotoIQ

Get More Information On the STILLEN Brake Cooling Kit for Nissan 370Z

For more information on this great brake cooling kit check out the full article here or visit for more details. If you would prefer to speak with our experts about this kit or any of the other Nissan 370z parts we sell, please call 866-250-5542 and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. For our Southern California 370Z enthusiasts, we also have a full service performance shop that can install everything from brake cooling kits to superchargers and exhausts. If you want your kit professionally installed, just let us know and we’ll schedule an appointment for you!

FR-S & BRZ Clutch Kits by ACT Ready for Street or Racing Use

January 14, 2014

ACT has just released their brand new clutch kits for the extremely popular Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ and you get plenty of high performance options with 118% torque increase for the street level options and 180% increase for the torque capacity of the racing applications. ACT’s spared no effort in building these FR-S clutch kits and BRZ clutch kits, by applying a wide array of engineering advancements to maximize the load capacity and decrease the flex of these clutches.

FR-S / BRZ Clutch

Whether you decide on the Streetlite or the Prolite Flywheel option you’ll have the choice of a street clutch kit with either, or the availability of 4 types of race discs for either FR-S clutch option or BRZ clutch option. One of the best things about these amazing brand new FR-S clutch kits and BRZ clutch kits is the fact that they are all SFI-approved, and depending on which setup you decide on you can put it to some real use on the street, drag strip, or in road or rally racing. In the race kits alone you can choose from 6 or 4-pad Spring-Centered or Rigid hub designs, FOR EITHER FLYWHEEL OPTION, and with the torque capacity at an astounding 444 ft/lbs for these vehicles that weigh only about 2800lbs and have 151 ft/lbs of torque in their already quick stock arrangement.

Which FR-S Clutch Kit or BRZ Clutch Kit Is Right For You?

Dampened Disc for Street Applications: Organic Spring-Centered FR-S Clutch Kit & BRZ Clutch Kits

ACT SB7-XTSS Xtreme Clutch Kit with Streetlite Flywheel

  • Increases clamp load by 50-120%
  • Quicker engagement & shifting

ACT SB8-XTSS Xtreme Clutch Kit with Prolite Flywheel

  • Able to achieve high heat tolerance
  • Faster recovery from overheating

ACT Street FR-S / BRZ Clutch

High-Performance Dampened Disc for Racing Applications: 6-Pad Spring-Centered FR-S / BRZ Clutch Kits

ACT SB7-XTG6 Xtreme Race Clutch Kit with Streelite Flywheel

  • Increase clamp load 50-120%
  • Recovers faster from overheating with premium friction material

ACT SB8-XTG6 Xtreme Race Clutch Kit with Prolite Flywheel

  • Better heat capacity and engagement with 6 pads
  • Features heavy duty torsional dampening springs
  • Achieves high heat tolerance with premium friction material

6-Pad Spring Centered Clutch Kit

High-Performance, Responsive Solid Disc for Racing Applications: 6-Pad Rigid Hub BRZ & FR-S Clutch Kits

ACT SB7-XTR6 Xtreme Race Clutch Kit with Streetlite Flywheel

  • High heat tolerance with premium friction material
  • Stronger hub components

ACT SB8-XTR6 Xtreme Race Clutch Kit with Prolite Flywheel

  • Improved engagement with six pads
  • Increases clamp load up to 120%

6-Pad Rigid Racing Clutch

Aggressive, Dampened Disc for Racing Applications: 4-Pad Spring-Centered FR-S & BRZ Clutch Kits

ACT SB7-XTG4 Xtreme Race Clutch Kit with Streetlite Flywheel

  • Quick shifting with 4 pads
  • Clamp load increases by up to 120%

ACT SB8-XTG4 Xtreme Race Clutch Kit with Prolite Flywheel

  • Recovers quickly from overheating with premium friction material
  • Features heavy duty torsional dampening springs

ACT 4-Pad Spring Centered Racing Clutch

Aggressive, Extremely Responsive Solid Disc for Racing Applications: 4-Pad Rigid Hub BRZ & FR-S Clutch Kits

ACT SB7-XTR4 Xtreme Race Clutch Kit with Streetlite Flywheel

  • Enjoy clamp loads up to 120%
  • Achieve high heat tolerance with premium friction material

ACT SB8-XTR4 Xtreme Race Clutch Kit with Prolite Flywheel

  • Shift quickly with 4 pad design
  • Offers stronger hub components

ACT 4-Pad Rigid Racing Clutch


Next Steps

To speak to an expert and place your order, give us a call at (866)250-5542. You can check out all the ACT products we have or browse other items available at STILLEN as well. Visit the auto shop site and schedule anything from a routine maintenance or install to a full racing build.

Dodge Challenger Clutch by ACT Here for Your MOPAR Monster 08-12 SRT8 & 09-12 R/T

December 20, 2013

ACT has just released the Dodge Challenger clutch kits for the 08-12 SRT8 and 09-12 R/T models, and there’s a full range of possibilities for everyone from the enthusiast to the semi-pro to be able to get more performance out of your re-born legend, whether for street or track (race) driving. Each of these new Dodge Challenger clutch kits is a twin-disc system, resulting in twice the disc surface area compared to conventional clutch systems, and the options available can support from 875-1470 ft/lbs torque!! From the premium organic, spring-centered street disc, to the 6-pad, rigid-hub racing disc kit, every Dodge Challenger clutch kit includes ACT’s proprietary positive lift floater system, which compensates for disc wear.

ACT Dodge Challenger with Clutch Kits

With the available performance options for these ACT Twin-disc Dodge Challenger clutch kits, you’re sure to find one that appeals to you, and each kit is a 10% reduction in weight compared to the original equipment. Whether you’ve got the mean 09-12 R/T or you’re looking for serious Challenger SRT8 performance parts to put on a 392 beast, you’ll get real performance gains and ability to expand on your further upgrades.

ACT Organic Twin-Disc Street Dodge Challenger Clutch Kits With Smooth Engagement / Stock to Low Gear Rattle

Dodge Challenger Heavy Duty Street Twin-Disc Clutch Kit - Part # T1S-D03

  • Low to Moderate Pedal Feel
  • 875 ft/lbs Torque Capacity

Xtreme Street Twin-Disc Challenger Clutch KitPart # T2S-D03

  • Moderate to Stiff Pedal Feel
  • 970 ft/lbs Torque Capacity

Twin-Disc MaXX XT Street Dodge Challenger Clutch KitPart # T3S-D03

  • Very Stiff Pedal Feel
  • 1150 ft/lbs Torque Capacity

Twin Disc XT Street Kit

ACT Ceramic Twin-Disc Racing Dodge Challenger Clutch Kits for Aggressive Engagement / Low to Moderate Gear Rattle

Twin-Disc HD Race Challenger Clutch KitPart # T1R-D03 

  • Low to Moderate Pedal Feel
  • 1120 ft/lbs Torque Capacity

Dodge Challenger Twin-Disc XT Race KitPart # T2R-D03 

  • Moderate to Stiff Pedal Feel
  • 1240 ft/lbs Torque Capacity

Twin-Disc MaXX XT Race Dodge Challenger Clutch KitPart# T3R-D03 

  • Stiff to Very Stiff Pedal Feel
  • 1470 ft/lbs Torque Capacity

Twin-Disc HD Street Kit
Give us a call at (866)250-5542 and place your order today. You can check out all of the ACT performance parts we offer, or look over the entire product line of STILLEN. You can even visit the Performance Shop and schedule anything from a routine install or maintenance to a full-scale racing build.

Racing Clutch Options by Exedy | From Street Performance to Track Racing Ready!!!

November 14, 2013

Exedy started developing their racing clutch options for vehicle manufacturers in 1964 and since has amassed wins in a wide array of events, capturing titles in the racing world from rally and Gymkhana to F1 and Super GT300. You can have the same Exedy racing clutch technology that led these drivers to the podium, and you don’t have to buy the kit meant for a professional racer to start seeing serious performance and durability improvements.

Check out the available stages of Exedy Racing Clutch kits and see which one fits you and the use of your vehicle best.

Exedy Stage 1 Racing Clutch – Street Performance Kits

  • Exedy organic friction racing clutch composition, with the fibers held together by high heat resins
  • So strong it doesn’t need a steel backing to pass SFI burst test.
  • Maintain the drivability of an OE-style disc
  • 40% on average increase in the clamp load with high performance cover
  • Extra capacity to allow for common street car upgrades to fitUltra Fiber Disc Racing Clutch

Exedy Stage 2 Racing Clutch – Street and Track Cerametallic Disc Kits

  • Cerametallic racing clutch friction disc handles much more heat, and more horsepower than a stock type without slipping or fading
  • High performance cover has 40% more clamp load on average
  • High-strength, anti-burst protection
  • Extra capacity to accommodate common street car upgrades
  • Normal (thick) disc is recommended for street, drag or rally uses
  • Thin (~50% thickness of stock) disc is for circuit track use onlyExedy Racing Clutch Cerametallic

Exedy Stage 3 Racing Clutch – Hyper Single Kits

  • Exedy exclusive Ceramettalic racing clutch friction disc 6-pad design
  • Heavy duty hardened spring damper
  • Heavy duty bonding agents used for low wear and high heat resistance
  • Forged aluminum covers average 40% increase in clamp load over stock
  • Forged design is much stiffer, meaning no clamp-load deflection
  • Extra capacity that’s capable of fitting both street or race car power upgrades
  • Forged chromoly flywheel, which combines low weight with high heat capacity
  • Provides snappier throttle response and quicker shifting
  • Chromoly flywheel was designed for rally, drag and hi-performance street
  • Tested at 18,000 rpm without failure
  • Ring gear cannot separate and the friction surface cannot warp
  • Can be resurfaced for future clutch serviceExedy Racing Clutch Hyper Single

Exedy Stage 4 & 5 Racing Clutch – Hyper Multi-Plate Kits

  • Cerametallic racing clutch friction disc, 6-pad design
  • Low wear and high heat capacity
  • Heavy duty hardened spring dampers and bonding agents
  • Smaller and thinner discs reduce weight for quicker shifting and less wear and tear on synchros
  • Forged aluminum cover averages 100% increase over stock clamp load
  • Extra capacity to hold street or race car power upgrades
  • No clamp-load deflection
  • Some have choice between SD and HD clamping configurations to match wheel torque numbers
  • SFI approved chromoly flywheel is tested up to 18,000 rpm without failure
  • Designed for drag, rally or hi-performance street driving
  • Low weight, low inertia, providing snappier throttle response and quicker shifting
  • Most of these flywheels are designed to increase airflow and help cooling
  • With one piece forging means the starter teeth are machined in place
  • Ring gear cannot separate nor can the friction surface warp
  • Can be resurfacedExedy Racing Clutch Hyper Multi-Plate

To speak with an expert and place your Exedy Racing Clutch order, give us a call at (866) 250-5542. You can check out all the Exedy racing clutch products we carry, or explore all the items we have for sell here at STILLEN. You can also schedule anything from a routine maintenance or install to a full scale racing build on the Performance Shop site.


August 14, 2012

Muscle cars are built for one reason and one reason only… to go fast! While doing burnouts and donuts in the local empty parking lot is always fun, it’s not necessarily legal. In the case of this Ford Mustang, the owner wanted to take the “go fast” concept to a whole new level and build his mustang to be a drag strip king so he could have as much go fast legal fun that he wanted.
Upon first glance this pony looks relatively stock.

“stock” until you notice the full set of slicks that the car is sporting. This isn’t one of those weekend warrior mustangs that just throws a set of slicks on to impress the slowpokes in the bracket racing classes. This thing is build for speed…
Check out the gutted interior and cagework.

The stock drivers seat helps keep the “sleeper” look but the roll cage and harness that are part of it are hints that this thing can move.
And speaking of moving… how about a SALEEN blower?

While I don’t have all the details on what’s in the motor. I hear this car can do 9′s in the 1/8th mile at 109 and lifts the tires all the way through 1st.

Evidence of a weekend well spent.

Since the customer was so satisfied with our supercharger install and tune, he drops the car off to us on a regular basis to make sure we take care of all the maintenance on this pony as well.

Feel free to give us a call at anytime if you have any build questions or need to dial in your pony to rule the street or strip.

STILLEN Performance Center
(866) 250-5542
3176 Airway Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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