Dealership Spotlight: Lloydminster Nissan Souped-Up Titan

April 11, 2014

Our friends at Nissan Lloydminster are at it again with another souped-up Titan. The goal of this project truck was to make it powerful and fast to leave other trucks in its dust… They definitely met their goal with this Titan! The list of upgrades on the Nissan Lloydminster truck is impressive and is definitely enough to turn any enthusiast’s head!

Nissan Lloydminster souped-up Nissan Titan

Nissan Lloydminster souped-up Titan

Adding Horsepower to the Souped-Up Titan:

To get the horsepower they were looking for, the Nissan Lloydminster team started by replacing the stock intake with a STILLEN Hi-Flow cold air intake. They also removed the stock exhaust and added a STILLEN 503257 dual exhaust. Not only do these upgrades improve horsepower, but they also help improve air efficiency. However, these changes were not enough for the Lloydminster Nissan team… They wanted more power! To accomplish this, they decided to supercharge the engine with a STILLEN 407570 supercharger, which has brought the power on similar Titans up to 379HP at the wheels (check out the STILLEN test dyno chart here). Now, this Titan can really haul!

Note: Dyno results will vary based on temperature, altitude, and other environmental factors.

Lloydminster Nissan Titan with STILLEN supercharger

Lloydminster Nissan Titan with STILLEN supercharger

Don’t worry though, this Titan didn’t just get a STILLEN power boost. It also got several other upgrades to round out its makeover. Other upgrades made include new wheels and tires, lowering shackles, transmission mount and chrome billet grille.

Nissan Lloydminster Nissan Titan with STILLEN upgrades

Nissan Lloydminster Titan with STILLEN upgrades

The Full List of Upgrades:

Check out the full list upgrades this project Titan has:

Lloydminster Nissan Titan with custom STILLEN parts

Lloydminster Nissan Titan with custom STILLEN parts

How to Find This Souped-Up Nissan Titan:

If you are as excited about this truck as we are and are in the Lloydminster, AB area, you’ll want to stop by the Lloydminster Nissan dealership or give them a call at (888) 273-4071. Additionally, if you have any questions about the STILLEN parts on this truck or any of the other parts we manufacturer, please give us a call 866-250-5542 and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Dealership Spotlight: Lia Infiniti Q50 Splitter

April 7, 2014

If you live in the Latham, NY area and are looking for a new Infiniti Q50 with some custom flair, you’ll want to stop by the Lia Infiniti dealership. This dealership boasts a state of the art facility that is over 5 acres and is full of pristine Infiniti vehicles. Not only do they have a great facility full of cars to choose from, but they also have the service to back it up and keep customers coming back happy.

Needless to say, we were pretty excited when we got some photos from our friends at the Lia Infiniti dealership with the STILLEN splitter installed on their showroom Q50. Take a look at how sleek and refined the Q50 looks with the STILLEN splitter installed and painted!

Infiniti Q50 with STILLEN Splitter at Lia Infiniti of Latham

Infiniti Q50 with STILLEN Splitter at Lia Infiniti of Latham

STILLEN Infiniti Q50 Splitter Features

The STILLEN Infiniti Q50 splitter is more than just good looks. Here are a few other benefits of buying a car with STILLEN made urethane body components from dealerships like Lia Infiniti of Latham :

  • Perfect Fit - This Q50 splitter is manufactured using a direct molding process, which means it flows with the natural lines of the car and looks as though it was included in the factory design.
  • Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty – Since we only use pure urethane polyols instead of using lower grade urethane has a lot of filler in it, the STILLEN Infiniti Q50 splitter is very durable. We are so confident in our product that we back it up with a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty that guarantees it will not break or crack when used under normal conditions.
  • Designed & Manufactured In the USA - Like all STILLEN polyurethane body components, the STILLEN Infiniti Q50 splitter is manufactured in the USA in our Costa Mesa, CA shop from pure urethane polyols, which are also made in the US.

Where to Find the Infiniti Q50 with STILLEN Splitter

If you think this might be the Q50 for you or if you have any questions about this vehicle, be sure to contact Lia Infiniti dealership of Latham, NY, which is located at 965 New Loudon Rd. Latham, New York. Alternatively, if you have any questions about the STILLEN Q50 splitter or any of the other Q50 performance parts we manufacturer, please visit or contact us at 866-250-5542 and we will be happy to help you!

Dealer Spotlight – Lloydminster Nissan Titan Truck

January 10, 2014

Our friends from Lloydminster Nissan are one of the dealerships that we are proud to have in the STILLEN dealership network. Recently, they put together a project Titan with the results being a truly spectacular looking truck. They sent over a few shots for us to take a look at.

Stillen Titan Truck

Hostile Titan Truck built by Lloydminster Nissan

The Lloydminster Nissan team started out by adding a STILLEN Dual Exhaust and Cold Air Intake which not only helps gain H.P., but also improves the airflow efficiency in and out of the vehicle. Making the finest performance parts for Nissan cars and trucks has become an obsession for our staff for over 25 years here at STILLEN. We take a huge amount pride in the quality and craftsmanship we put into each and every product that ships out of our facility, and stand firmly behind every one of them. One of the biggest compliments and testaments to the quality of our products is when a dealership like Llodyminster Nissan not only sells our products in their showroom, but also makes it a point to run our products on their own dealership vehicles.

Stillen Nissan Titan Truck Exhaust

Next, they took on what to do with the wheels and tires and we think they have hit it out of the park with a set of Hostile Knuckles 20 x 9 wheels, and Goodyear Silent Armour 275 60R20 Tires.

Stillen Nissan Titan Truck Tires Wheels

Just to make sure other vehicles can see the truck coming… and going past them, they added Xtasy Halo black headlights and smoke taillights as well as a Rigid “E” Series 20” light bar.

Stillen Nissan Titan Truck lights

Finally, a PRG Products 1.5” leveling kit was added to balance out the factory ride in addition to installing a Sprint Booster which aims to overcome throttle response delay for ECT-equipped vehicles, providing crisp on-tap acceleration at the driver’s disposal. We think they have put one incredible looking truck together.

Sitllen Nissan Titan Truck Side shot
As you can see, the folks over at Lloydminster Nissan are really getting creative with their vehicles and are doing a great job of utilizing all of the assets they have at their disposal. If you are in the area, stop by and see what they’ve come up with for their latest creation and see what they can do for you.

Lloydminster Nissan is located at 5115 25 St., Lloydminster, AB T9V 3G2. Sales: 1 (888) 273-4071

Additionally, if you have any questions about the STILLEN performance parts that were used, please be sure to contact us at or by calling 866-250-5542.

STILLEN Infiniti Q50 Dealer Spotlight: Crest Infiniti

December 26, 2013

If you live in the Plano, Texas area, and you’re in the market for an Infiniti luxury vehicle, you owe it to yourself to stop by and visit Crest Infiniti. Not only do the guys at Crest Infiniti carry the best cars in the performance luxury vehicle segment, they also understand what it’s like to be enthusiastic about those cars. These guys know performance! When the new Infiniti Q50 came out, they immediately saw that what they had was an opportunity to build to the awesome platform that Infiniti had given them, and take it to another level with appropriate, but distinctive modifications.

Crest Infiniti Q50

Crest Infiniti Q50 side shot

The Infiniti Q50 is already a great looking car. Right out of the gate it’s one of if not the most exciting car in its category. From the factory it has incredible styling that is aggressive, yet refined with a strong fascia accentuated by the large grill, menacing headlights and wide stance. Yet somehow, at the same time, the car retains a sense of elegance and class. Not only did Infiniti install their fantastic VQ37 3.7 liter V6 engine producing 328 horsepower between the frame rails, but they took it a step further and actually made hybrids exciting! The hybrid model comes with the tried and true VQ35 3.5 liter V6 and when mated to the state of the art hybrid technology, the car is rated at 360 horsepower! Who thought we’d live in a world where hybrids were exciting!!!

Crest Infiniti Q50 rear

When the team at Crest Infiniti got a hold of this car they knew they had to do something special and do something to take it even further than Infiniti had already managed to. When a car is this new, it can be a challenge to accomplish that, as it takes a while for everyone else to keep up. Fortunately, we were able to support the designers at Crest Infiniti with the STILLEN Infiniti Q50 cat-back exhaust.  Once the exhaust was completed the car received a matte black wrap along with a set of Vossen CV5S wheels to round out the build.

Crest Infiniti Stillen exhaust

Where to Find the Infiniti Q50 with STILLEN Cat-Back Exhaust

Crest Infiniti has been a trusted STILLEN dealer since 2005 and continues to impress us with each of their project vehicles! If you have any questions about this car, be sure to contact the Crest Infiniti dealership in Plano, Texas for more information. Additionally, if you live in the McKinney, TX area and are looking to customize your car or truck, be sure to contact Whiteside Customs. They did a fabulous job on this Q50! Finally, if you have any questions about the STILLEN performance parts that were used, please be sure to contact us at or by calling 866-250-5542.

Dealer Spotlight: Auto West Infiniti Q60

December 20, 2013

It’s always exciting for us when we speak with a dealership who understands the real purpose of a car.  The purpose of a car isn’t the same as what we do with our cars, or what we use our cars for.  We use our cars to get us from point to point.  We use our cars to haul our families around.  We use our cars to get groceries.  However, the purpose of a car is to enjoy life.  The purpose of a car is to get us from point to point, quicker.  The purpose of the car is to enjoy the road trip with our families.  So to fully enjoy life – and your car at the same time, it’s important you work with a dealership that understands how much the true joy of owning an Infiniti Q60 can bring to someone.  Enter Auto West Infiniti of Richmond, British Columbia.

STILLEN Infiniti Q50

Auto West Infiniti clearly understands what life is all about.  Not only do they sell the highest level of luxury performance cars having chosen the Infiniti franchise, but they have also chosen to outfit those cars with STILLEN performance parts to further enhance the new owners excitement about driving such an awesome car like an Infiniti Q60.  We’ve decided to do a spotlight on the latest creation by the team at Auto West Infiniti.

Their designers started out with a 2014 Infiniti Q60 XS package.  From there, the master techs in their service department installed the STILLEN Gen 3 Infiniti Q60 cold air intake, STILLEN Cat back exhaust system for Infiniti Q60 with dual wall tips, Infiniti Q60 Eibach Lowering Springs, 20″ Infiniti Accessory Wheels and to preserve the factory bumper, the STILLEN no drill license plate holder.

STILLEN Infiniti Q60 Exhaust

Infiniti Q60 with STILLEN Stainless Steel Cat-back Exhaust Installed.

STILLEN Infiniti Q60 GEN 3 Intake

Infiniti Q60 with STILLEN GEN 3 Long Tube Intake installed.

The end result is this stunning example of what is possible when you head to a dealership who truly understands the reason for owning a high performance luxury vehicle like the Infiniti Q60!  We would like to say great work to the guys at Auto West Infiniti!

Infiniti Q60

Infiniti Q60 STILLEN Parts List

Where to Find the STILLEN Infiniti Q60

If you have any questions about this car, please be sure to contact the Auto West Infiniti dealership in Richmond, British Columbia for more information. Likewise, if you have any questions about the parts that when into the STILLEN Infiniti Q60, please contact us by visiting or by calling (866) 250-5542.

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