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It’s one of those days when almost every flavor of horsepower deliciousness is represented inside our Performance Center today. I gotta say it’s day’s like today that really give me an appreciation for all the amazing work our guys in our shop can do.

On our alignment rack we have a very sleek / innocent looking 350z … that is until you spot the all business 6 pot AP RACING brakes tucked behind the NISMO wheels.

350z Getting 6 pot AP RACING brakes


Every corner of the shop has something glorious stuffed in it, on our lift next the the alignment rack, we have a GORGEOUS Amuse kitted 370z


Right next the the Amuse 370z, we have a 350z getting some forced induction love by way of a STILLEN STAGE 3 Supercharger.


In front of the newly boosted 350z we have some good old fashioned american muscle by way of a FORD GT that is getting a new STILLEN exhaust fitted onto the back of it.


Hiding behind the Ford GT lies some more horsepower god’s just waiting to lay down some power on the streets.

Since we are already on the subject of American, here’s an insanely powerful Stroked, Cammed and Supercharged Dodge Charger….

Last time we dyno tuned it, we had to limit the power because the beast ran out of fuel. So today the Charger is getting bigger injectors and a higher volume fuel pump installed. I can’t wait to see how much power this thing can put down.

In front of the Charger is another FORD GT that is getting some good old fashioned Coilovers installed to take it up to a whole new level.


Next to the FORD GT we have a twin pair of twin turbo’d 300zx’s that are getting tune up’s to make sure their VG30DETT’S run strong for another 15 years.

And Big green elephant in the room that everyone wants to know about is a 800+ WHP Toyota Supra that has an engine bay clean enough to eat every meal of your life off of.


It turns out, this customer’s Supra was built by STILLEN around 10 years ago and every year since then he has added more and more to it. As it stands now, the 2jZ with the STOCK bottom end is putting out just over 800 horsepower to the wheels!!!! This is one Supra I most definitely will never forget.

If this isn’t a testament to the quality of work our performance center does EVERY DAY… I don’t know what is. Well maybe the fact that we have been doing stuff like this for 20+ years could count too. 🙂


They say a picture is worth a thousand words right? Well, thank goodness for Instagram.  In case you aren’t following us already, make sure you point your smart phone to our feed (STILLEN) and click follow. You can expect to see project vehicles of the past and of the present, product specials, promotions, and other photos of general awesomeness.

Make sure you stay tuned, because we might just throw an INSTAGRAM only contest up pretty soon. 😉


For those of you looking to improve the braking of your 2012+ NISSAN GT-R we are please to announce the release of the AP RACING 390x34mm JHOOK rotor kits.

As most of you know, the R35 NISSAN GT-R is notorious for cracking it’s factory rotors,  it has been a major problem for GT-R owners looking to take their cars to the track. For 2012, Nissan changed the size dimensions of the factory rotor size from 380x34mm discs, to 390×32.6mm discs. Essentially making the OE rotors larger in diameter but thinner in thickness, AP Racing saw this as an opportunity and beefed up the thickness, materials, and Diameter of their J-Hook rotor kit in order to greatly expand the brake heat capacities compared to stock.

Not only does the kit fit the 2012+ NISSAN GT-R’s but it can a lso be retrofitted to fit 2008-2011 GT-R’S as well. We will be offering a retrofit kit, to ensure every generation of R35 GT-R can take advantage of these amazing brakes. (pictured below)

 Feel free to give one of our product specialists a call at  (800) 834-0376 or stop by our website WWW.STILLEN.COM for more information.

A few weeks ago we featured a Nissan Altima and a R35 GT-R from 66 MVP that were most definitely show stoppers. We are happy to let you know that they are at it again, but this time they set their sights on a 370z.

According to STEVE from 66MVP this baby has got an entire array of custom parts. “This vehicle has a full STILLEN 370Z Body Kit, STILLEN 370Z GEN 3 Intake, STILLEN 370Z CAT BACK Exhaust, Piaa High Intensity LED Driving Lamps in the bumper, Custom built 20″ Staggered Savini Wheels, and a black leather interior with white stitching for a touch of flare on the inside. Are just a few of the 370Z’s highlights.”
The best part about it is that this baby is for sale!!!!

Don’t hesitate to give them a call or stop by their website for more information…


The NISSAN Juke is most definitely one of those “love it or leave it” kinds of vehicles, personally I love it. The car reminds of a 90’s group B rally car that has been tamed for the street. Yes, I’ll admit it, the car does look kind of look like a bloated frog on a hot day, but sometimes new designs just take a little getting used to. Another thing I love about the Nissan Juke is that it’s turbo charged 1.6L engine responds very well to slight modifications.

The guys over at PERFORMANCE FROG have been covering the build of their JUKE on their blog for quite some time. Recently, they compiled a very thorough video on how to install the STILLEN axle back exhaust on your Juke.

For about $260 and 30 minutes of your time, you’re good for an additional 13hp and 14 lb ft of torque.

It’s not quite going to make your Nissan Juke a group B rally monster but it’s most definitely a step or “hop” in the right direction.

Making performance parts for Nissan’s is something we have been passionate about for over 20 years here at STILLEN. We take pride in the quality and craftmanship we put into our products and we stand behind every one that leaves our doors. One of the biggest compliments and testaments to the quality of our products is when a Nissan dealership not only sells our products in their showroom but also makes it a point to run our product on their own dealership vehicles.

KINGSTON NISSAN is one of those dealerships that we are proud to have in our network. Last week, they sent us over a few photos of their STILLEN equipped vehicles in their dealership. A Turbo’ed JUKE with our STILLEN Juke Exhaust, a GT-R with the STILLEN Y-PIPE, installed and some shots of a STILLEN P.O.P. display in their showroom were included in the photo package.

As you can see, things are looking really good over at Kingston Nissan, so if you are in the the Ontario, Canada area make sure you give them a ring or stop by and see what they can do for you.


Kingston Nissan

775 Gardiners Road

Kingston, ON K7M 7H8



Last week, we briefly touched on the STILLEN equipped GT-R’s that signed up for this year’s ONE LAP OF AMERICA. Needless to say, we were really excited to see how things would shake up for 2012. All weekend long, I was glued to blogs and twitter feed’s (shout out to The Smoking Tire for keeping me updated all weekend long) that were broadcasting the highlights of the race and after all the dust settled the STILLEN equipped GT-R’s took spots 1 and 2 on the SSGT1 Big Bore podium.

Last year’s winner TOP SPEED MOTORSPORTS ran our AP RACING J-HOOK rotors and STILLEN sway bars during their 2011 campaign. They were more than happy with the performance level of those products last year, so they decided to go with the “if it ain’t broke than don’t fix it” formula for 2012. Our J-hook rotors and sway bars combined with the rest of the products on the vehicle plus some skilled driving secured them another victory this year.

Nipping at the heels of TOPSPEED MOTORSPORTS all weekend were the guys from SPEED CONCEPTS. Featuring our AP RACING J-HOOK rotors and STILLEN sway bars, along with Password JDM widebody front fenders they made some pretty serious changes for 2012. Combine those parts with the skills of Tyson Timperley, and Todd Treffert behind the wheel and you have a formula for a second place victory.

We congratulate both teams on their 1, 2, victories and can’t wait to see what these guys have in store for next year.