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Another new suspension component that recently left STILLEN’s R&D Department and is now in production is the Front Core Support Brace for the 2003-2008 Nissan 350Z.

STILLEN Installed 350Z Front Core Support Brace

350Z Front Core Support Brace Installed

This brace adds crucial support and stiffness to the front clip of the 350Z, and is a must have for anyone looking for maximum cornering ability, especially anyone tracking their Z.

Construction is top notch, utilizing 304 Stainless Steel and TIG welding, and installs using pre-existing mounting locations for a perfect bolt-on installation.

STILLEN 350Z Front Core Support Brace

350Z Front Core Support Brace

Designed in conjunction with the STILLEN 350Z Chassis Support Braces, which help with the lower portion of the chassis.

Available now, visit the STILLEN Product Page which has high resolution versions of these images for more detail.

The STILLEN Engine Damper Brace (part #307360) for the new VQ35HR 350Z engine have been released, and are available for shipping.  These braces dampen the engine’s torque, recovering wasted motion into forward momentum.

These are a similar design to the already available Engine Damper Braces for the previous 350Z, G35, and 300ZX Nissan/Infiniti models.  Care and detail were taken in the manufacturing and design of this brace, and subsequently cost was reduced, reducing the final price on these.

STILLEN 07-08 350Z VQ35HR Engine Damper Brace

2007-2008 Nissan 350Z Engine Damper Brace

350Z Engine Damper Brace Available from the STILLEN ecommerce site here

Fresh out of our R&D Department, these chassis stiffeners increase the rigidity of the 350Z, allowing the suspension to deal with road (or track!) conditions more effectively and predictably.

These powder coated braces link rear suspension pick up points together as well as triangulating the factory front suspension braces with the structural members running down either side of the transmission tunnel.

Now available for purchase!

EDIT 8/8/08:  These braces can work in conjunction with the new STILLEN Front Core Support Brace also available.