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GT-R Build

STILLEN is excited to announce the release of our premier Nissan GT-R Exhaust System.  After numerous systems were designed, fabricated and tested; Steve Millen selected this configuration as the one to put into production.


Meeting all of his criteria for power, sound and appearance this cat-back system uses 504 Stainless Steel, is TIG welded throughout, 27% lighter than stock (30 lbs versus 41 lbs for stock) and results in an aggressive (but not obtrusive) tone.


The custom fabricated quadruple 5″ tips really fill the factory exhaust cutouts in the rear fascia and the etched STILLEN logos let everyone know that your R35 is tuned by the GT-R experts.


Check out the details.


As with any GT-R performance exhaust system, the STILLEN Exhaust for the Nissan GT-R also offers more horsepower and torque as well- most GT-R’s typically yielded a gain of between 15whp to 20whp, and the system sounds as good as it looks.



Additional info from the STILLEN Product Page:

STILLEN is proud to offer the premier exhaust system for the 2009 Nissan GT-R. After many different styles and months of development Steve Millen and the engineers at STILLEN have come up with an exhaust system that offers increased performance, race-car sounds, unmatched quality and ‘work of art’ appearance.

This exhaust system is constructed out of high luster polished 304 Stainless Steel. During the production process the rear exhaust components are polished five times to ensure a brilliant finish and to make sure that every part of the exhaust exudes excellence.

To ensure superior quality the exhaust is TIG welded by hand and the weld ‘burns’ are left to maintain the race car heritage and look of the Nissan GT-R.

The exhaust has been tested and tuned to offer superior performance and sound while offering a reasonable price. This exhaust comes with a lifetime warranty and is supported by years of racing experience from the experts at STILLEN.


These parts are now in production, and shipping regularly. Make sure to get an order in now – don’t miss out!

Have a listen to the sound in this clip:


• Lightweight Materials shaves weight off the GT-R – 27% Lighter than factory!
• Improved Power – 15-20WHP Gains Typical
• Increased Throttle Response
• Race-Car Like Sound Turns Heads without Being Obnoxious (Minimal Drone!)
• Made in Costa Mesa, CA using 304 Stainless Steel, backed by a Lifetime Warranty
• Polished Rear Section and Quadruple 5″ Tips Looks as good as it sounds


STILLEN Nada Guides GT-R shipping out for SEMA 2009

After spending only a short time back home, the STILLEN NADA Guides GT-R is once again going away. This time it is being trucked out to the SEMA show (Nov. 3 – 6 in Las Vegas), where it will be taking up residence in the BASF Automotive Refinish Solutions booth in the Racing and Performance area (booth 21442).

The Millens Look On As The STILLEN NADA Guides GT-R is Loaded
STILLEN NADA Guides GT-R entering it's new double-decker accommodations

Double Decker Accomodations
STILLEN NADA Guides GT-R entering it's new double-decker accommodations

Tucked In
STILLEN Nada Guides GT-R tucked away on the top level of the truck for the trip out to SEMA 2009

If you’re going to be at the show, stop by and check out the car and that Orange Sherbert Paint in person at Booth# 21442.


Well, the car is ready to go.  Steve flew out a few days early to get the STILLEN GT-R across the border and all the spare parts into the service van.  Mark (Lead Mechanic) and I (Kyle Millen) are in the airport waiting for our flight to Toronto where we will board our second flight into St. John’s.

STILLEN Crew Headed to Targa Newfoundland

We’re all excited and looking forward to a great week. I will be posting information, updates, and hopefully video interviews throughout the next week. I will also be posting comments to the STILLEN Twitter account, I encourage you to follow along there as well for daily updates.

STILLEN Crew Headed to Targa Newfoundland

I’d like to take a minute to explain the Targa Newfoundland Rally format.  As you may know, “Targa” is a tarmac rally that takes place on public roads that are closed only for the few hours necessary to complete these stages.  They let the cars go at the start line and each car must travel through the stage as fast as possible (while obeying some rules*) and the fastest car wins.

Targa Newfoundland
Here’s where it’s a little different at Targa Newfoundland.  Targa Newfoundland sets a goal time for each stage that varies depending on which class you’re in.  So basically, before the driver/co-driver team get to the stage they have an approximate “goal time” of what they should be able to make in that stage.  If you exceed that goal time, then you take a “penalty” of time added to your overall.  So, if you arrive to a stage with a 7:00 minute goal time, and you complete the stage in 6:55 then you did a good job.  If you complete the stage in 7:05 then you take a five second time penalty.

This is where it gets REALLY unusual/tricky.  Each class has a different goal time.  The fastest (modern) cars might be expected to complete a stage in 7:00 while some of the other cars will get around 8:00-8:30 minutes depending on the class.  So basically, if Steve and Mike cross the finish line at 7:05 through a stage, and another car in a slower class crosses the finish line in 8:00 flat…The slower car wins the stage.

The idea behind this timing format is to give all of the competitor’s an “equal” opportunity to win.  The  challenge for us, is that a modern car has never won this race before.  There are a lot of great competitors and fantastic drivers, for example (Andrew Comrie-Picard), who take their modern rally cars to this event but they’ve never been able to bring home a win.  We hope to be the first modern team to win the event!

Previous vehicles that have won this event:

  • 2002 – 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback
  • 2003 – 1972 BMW Bavaria
  • 2004 – 1972 BMW Bavaria
  • 2005 – 1972 BMW Bavaria
  • 2006 – 1979 Porsche 911
  • 2007 – 1969 BMW 2002
  • 2008 – 1969 BMW 2002

This is going to be a fun week and we look forward to doing our best.  The car is running great, the team is very optimistic and we’re going to push hard for a great result!

*Rules – There are two speed rules for the entire event.  There is a top speed for each stage of 200 KPH (kilometers per hour) this is a safety thing and is a great idea.  There is an average overall rally top speed of 135 KPH per stage, this is an F.I.A. rule.  Another good rule and good idea for safety.

See All of the 2009 Targa Newfoundland Coverage:

Well, the STILLEN GT-R has made it across the country, and is currently settled in Maine, awaiting Steve Millen‘s arrival to drive it the rest of the way into Newfoundland for the Targa Rally.  The FedEx Transporter delivered as promised, and everything arrived safe and sound, and ready for action.

We thought this would be a perfect time to introduce you to the STILLEN GT-R as it exists prepped for the Targa Newfoundland, with the full rally preparation finished.  We also played with some of the testing footage, and as you’ll see below, this transformed GT-R is something to see.

After months of tearing down, shaving weight, developing new products, building and testing the GT-R, Steve Millen deemed it worthy and on the transporter it went. The Targa Rally introduces some very unqiue requirements of a car, it’s not the normal smooth racetrack most race cars are set up for.  The Targa events are extremely demanding, covering city roads, vast landscapes, and varying road conditions (imagine the roads in your town).  Pot holes, dips, asphalt issues, gravel, sand, water, mud.. all common throughout the course.

All of these obstacles require a very balanced car, capable of dealing with anything, and a driver experienced enough to push it beyond its limits.  Meet the STILLEN R35 Nissan GT-R as prepped for the 2009 Targa Newfoundland Rally:

STILLEN GT-R Targa Race Car

Performance Numbers (As Set Up For 2009 Targa Rally)

  • Horsepower: ~620 @ 15psi (91 Octane Pump Gas)
  • 0-60mph: 2.9 seconds **
  • 1/4 Mile: 11.0 seconds at 127.9mph **
  • 0-130mph: 11.4 seconds **
  • Lateral Grip: 1.1G+ **
    ** (as tested by Road & Track)

STILLEN GT-R Performance Parts

  • STILLEN Downpipes
  • STILLEN Secondary Cat-Delete Y-Pipe
  • STILLEN Race Exhaust w/Center Rear Exit
  • STILLEN Intake System w/K&N Filters
  • Turbosmart e-Boost Street 2-Stage Electronic Boost Controller
  • Turbosmart Dual Port Blow Off Valves
  • COBB Tuning AccessPORT
  • Dodson Motorsports Transmission Cooler
  • Red Line High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil – 0W40
  • Red Line High Performance Synthetic Gear Oil – 75W140
  • Red Line WaterWetter

STILLEN GT-R Suspension Parts

STILLEN GT-R Brakes / Tires

STILLEN GT-R Interior Parts

  • STILLEN Designed & Built Custom Chromoly Roll Cage
  • STILLEN Designed & Built Custom Seat Frames
  • Status Racing Seats
  • Status Racing Harnesses
  • Monit Rally Computers
  • ChaseCam On-Board Video Camera System
  • Nordskog GPS Speedometer (KPH)

STILLEN GT-R Exterior Parts

Additional Photos:

See All of the 2009 Targa Newfoundland Coverage:

Steve Millen and the R&D crew here at STILLEN are at full throttle wrapping up the build of the STILLEN GT-R, and Road & Track has been continuing their great video coverage of the build and testing.

These three videos bring the total to 16 videos surrounding the STILLEN GT-R and the build for the Targa Newfoundland Rally which is in mid-September and quickly approaching.

Road & Track Magazine has practically been living at STILLEN documenting the build on the STILLEN GT-R.  We’re in the final stages of the build, with the BASF paint recently finished, Password:JDM dry carbon goodies, suspension, AP Racing carbon ceramic brakes and final installation beginning, including track testing in preparation for the 2009 Targa Newfoundland Rally.

Road & Track have released three new videos, one covering the GT-R in the paint booth, one highlighting the ultra lightweight Password:JDM dry carbon parts and some other upgrades, and the most recent with Steve Millen discussing the current suspension upgrades being done to the car.

Road & Track Video: STILLEN R35 GT-R Suspension Upgrades

Road & Track Video: STILLEN R35 GT-R In The Paint Booth

Road & Track Video: STILLEN R35 GT-R Lightweight Body Components and Intake System

Progress on the STILLEN GT-R continues at a maddening pace, getting the car prepared for the upcoming September deadline for the Targa Newfoundland Tarmac Rally.

With most of the lightening done, including gutting the interior, Password:JDM dry carbon panels, and even subtle lightening of other components (see below.. hey weight is weight), it was time to get the GT-R into the paint booth.

STILLEN is proud to release something we’ve been developing and fine-tuning for quite some time, our Secondary Cat Delete Y-Pipe for the Nissan GT-R!

The factory equipment this replaces contains two flow-robbing cats and weighs in at a hefty 30.25 lbs!  Our new Y-pipe replaces those cats with polished 304 stainless steel resonators and drops an astounding 47% of that weight, coming in right at 16 lbs.

STILLEN GT-R Secondary Cat Delete Y-Pipe

There is a lot of power held back by the factory exhaust system on the Nissan GT-R. By eliminating the factory catalytic converters, STILLEN has successfully improved flow, creating power gains as well as dramatically improving sound.

STILLEN GT-R Secondary Cat Delete Y-Pipe Flanges and Flex Joints

Additional info from the STILLEN Product Page:

Catalytic converters are not only very restrictive to the exhaust flow and performance, but they also act as mufflers, greatly reducing the sound that enthusiasts desire.

This Secondary Cat-Delete Y-Pipe System is TIG welded and constructed out of polished 304 stainless steel with laser-cut and CNC machined 304 stainless steel flanges.  The resonators themselves are also TIG welded, polished 304 stainless steel.

To allow the exhaust system to flex with the movement of the engine, yet stand up to the heat and flames coming off of the turbos, we have used nothing but the best turbo specific flex joints on this application.  Under hard driving, flames will travel through the exhaust system, and only turbo specific flex joints will stand up to the heat generated in those circumstances.

These parts are currently in production, and will begin shipping soon.  Make sure to get your order in now before the first batch sells out!


• Lightweight Materials – 47% Lighter than factory
• Increased Performance
• Race-Car Like Sound
• Polished 304 Stainless Steel – Lifetime Warranty

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